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co+Lab Buzz #11


It’s April and spring has sprung! But that’s the not the only thing springing… co+Lab members have exciting news to jump up and down about, and their businesses are growing. Even better, no hay fever! If you don’t already know, co+Lab Buzz is a regular column that features news on members of our coworking space.

co+Lab Buzz

Marc NadeauMarc Nadeau
“There’s a feature film shooting right now in the Okanagan, Vision FX’s own Marc Nadeau is working on set doing essential data management technician work and being an Assistant Editor.

Allegiance Studios will be doing all the post production Visual Effects and shot finalizing.

More info once we’re allowed to spill the beans!”

Shane Austin Shane Austin
“Just a week ago I finished organizing Coworking BizCamp, a weeklong retreat for entrepreneurs. BizCamp was a great experience for me personally and professionally, and a big success for the first run. A huge thank you to all the attendees and our eight BizCampers, and massive appreciation to all the amazing speakers. We also raised $400USD for Kiva.org, a global non-profit that provides funding to small businesses in poverty-stricken nations.

Also, I was honoured that ShareDesk featured me in their blog series “The Future of Work with…” — all about the world of work, entrepreneurism, social change, and other topics related to coworking and the changing landscape of office life. Aside from the rambly bits, the interview was a blast!!”

Robert DawsonRobert Dawson
“Fellow Co+Labber, John van der Woude, and I recently joined forces to launch an e-commerce market called HockeyByDesign.com. Just in time for playoffs, the Hockey By Design shop offers exceptionally designed and unique hockey prints and pillows.

Already with over 50 different hockey products not available anywhere else, the Hockey By Design market is still in its soft launch phase and seeing some good traction, especially in the US.

We’d love to hear what you think! Check us out on the interwebs and give us a follow:


Speaking of stick puck… I recently came out of a five year self-imposed ice hockey retirement to play in the Kelowna Professionals Hockey Tournament. Team Tech won the tourney, despite my rusty performance.  Literally, pieces of my gear were falling apart.”

Mike Straus
“Last month I had the honour of being asked to contribute a piece for Lemonstand, a Vancouver-based blog designed for e-commerce professionals. This week, my article about product descriptions went live. It’s some of my best work yet. I’m also proud to say that my side project, the Brand Gesture blog, has officially launched, with new articles being added every week. I’ve been working on this in my spare time for far longer than I would care to admit, so seeing that first article published was definitely a Dr. Frankenstein-style “It’s ALIIIIVE!” moment.”

Kodie Beckley
“On the professional side, I’m now the new Member Relations and Outreach Coordinator for OGO Car Share Co-op! I look forward to an exciting year helping OGO and our community partners shift Kelowna’s ideas towards transportation to more sustainable solutions.

I’m always looking to take on more graphic design clients, and would love to chat with anybody who has a project in mind!

On the personal project side, I’ve recently launched a t-shirt/clothing/merch store with Cam Brinson called FEED ME KITTENS. What we’re all about is making stuff that we want to see and use, stuff that is kind weird, stuff that looks rad, stuff that might offend some people, and stuff that isn’t a massive billboards for our brand. It’s the result of having a couple too many drinks while being frustrated at how tame the design world has become, and it’s our little aesthetic jab in the side of the industry. You can check it out at http://feedmekittens.com or not. I’m not your boss, man.”

Craig Powell
“Hello everyone, exciting times in the newEra world between the pending launch of a new website, Biz Camp and getting my daily routines back in order.  Like everyone I struggle sometimes with daily routines and getting done what I’m saying I’m going to do.  In March, in partnership with co+Lab, we ran a pilot, Trep Stand Up, which allowed people to get organized by assembling a newEra Operational Plan and then have daily calls to talk about daily activities and especially keep each other accountable.  Just prior to the start of the five-week long pilot I was trying to decide if I simply run the group or come on as a peer but facilitate at the same time.  I chose the second and that is what forced me to be accountable to the group and get my daily routine back in order both in business and on a personal level.  I’ll be happy to report that between February 22 and March 24 I logged nearly 40 hours of training time and ran over 300 km.  Accountability is a strange thing; we all know what we need to do but until we have some connection with activities to others that we don’t want to let down it’s very easy to put things off.  OK, enough of that, I have stuff to do, so until next time.”

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