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coLab introduces coLearn — an agile, peer-to-peer, and hands-on learning experience, delivered by top-notch industry professionals who have a passion for teaching.

About coLearn

coLearn courses help you seize opportunities in your life, career, and business by developing a mindset of success and building valuable skills.

Colearn offers a number of different workshops and courses that will run in a series all year. Courses include intensive boot camps and regular workshops to help you understand platforms like WordPress, digital marketing, and how to build a freelance business.

Each month will have a theme or general idea of study (e.g. leadership, circular economy, marketing), and the seminars and discussions each week will center around this topic. 

Participants will have access to learning opportunities/workshops and discussions on the Colearn website and will have videos of recorded sessions, places to post and organize discussion boards, and places to list supplemental resources. 

How It Works

The coLearn model is built on 4 core principles:


Teach Colearners the most relevant, valuable, and industry-ready skills; skills that will set them apart from the competition.


Provide thoughtfully facilitated, hands-on instruction from local industry leaders who have a passion for community and learning.


Improve each course by constantly and quickly iterating them based on participant feedback.

Group Support

Limit classes to small groups, with built-in group support and accountability.

Whether participants want to skill up, career-shift, or accelerate their personal and professional growth, Colearn can help shift them and their career in a more meaningful direction. We’ll give students the skills to get there with; programming languages, business plans, budgeting, and mentoring. We’ll help participants learn, build skills, create and launch themselves to the world.

Colearn is also inviting people to pitch their own course ideas to be considered for future curriculum.

Member Stories

You’ve found your community. Ready to connect, learn and grow?

We think you’ll love this vibrant community so much, you’ll find this is where you truly belong. Book a time to visit and experience what we’re all about.