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Kelowna CoLab Coworking Rental Space - Team Office

The kitchen table is no place to manage your team. Game-changers like you need an innovative space that fosters growth. 

Managing a growing company full of energetic, talented professionals isn’t easy. Trying to do it from your home? It’s maddening.

The problem with managing a team from home is simply that: You’re managing a team from home.

That means Skype brainstorming sessions that get interrupted because the cat wants to go out… and then come in, and then go out, and then come in, and then go out.

That means getting work done in the summer while the kids are home is next to impossible.

That means swallowing your pride and apologizing to the next 20 people in line at the coffee shop while your team snags the last blueberry muffin, jams up the register with your orders of half-caf skinny no-foam lattes, and commandeers every free table in the joint so that you have enough room to work.

And that’s to say nothing of the challenges of trying to find a professional-looking environment to meet clients or gearing up with all the equipment and tools you need to get the job done.

Sure, you could rent out a suite in an office building, but you’d kind of like your business to be revenue positive

The better option? coLab — a coworking space that provides your team with all the amenities you need… for a price that won’t have you renting your couch out on Airbnb to some weird guy named Al who smells like Brussels sprouts and always puts the empty milk carton back in the fridge.

At coLab, we’ve got everything you need to effectively manage your team and continue growing your business. Our flexible Enterprise plans grow with your business, which means you get the private office space you need at a price you can afford.

Plan Features

24/7 access to dedicated private office space, 16 hours meeting room time per month, Mail and package delivery service, Online community access, Meeting room time and hot-desk bookings at member rates

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Membership Benefits

Gigabit Secure Wifi with Canhost

Member rates/credit for AV Studios

Indoor Bike Racks

Unlimited Local Organic Cherry Hill Coffee and Chai Baba Tea

Inspirational Space with Ever-changing Curated Local Art

Ergonomic Seating

Dog Friendly – Well Behaved Companions Welcome

Corporate or Meeting space available in COVID safe environment

Online self-booking for all members 24/7

Membership in the Global Coworking Visa program

Walkability score = Biker’s Paradise 97%

Two shared kitchens with toaster, microwave and fridge

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