Designed with Purpose

More than the sum of its parts

The coLab is evergrowing, shaping itself to meet our member’s wants and needs. Created through our community’s collective efforts, we welcome everyone to take part by sharing their vision for what’s next.

Programs We Offer


Through a 3-MONTH FOUNDATION PERIOD, made up of weekly sessions, you will develop deeper consciousness in wholistic practices, learn time-tested techniques, as well as the methods, tools and exercises from a group learning environment.


An agile, peer-to-peer and hands-on learning experience, delivered by top-notch industry professionals who have a passion for teaching. CoLearn courses help you seize opportunity in your life, career and business by developing a mindset of success and building valuable skills.


Are you constantly feeling the creative tension of moving ideas into action? Perhaps you’re seeking a group of skilled collaborators, all with an intrepid mission of conscious learning, sustainable growth and transformation for a flourishing future.


Over the course of eight weeks, you will set and fulfill weekly goals and commitments that bring you closer to your desired outcome (we call it a Big Bodacious Goal!), all while your fellow coworkers do the same alongside you.

The Journey

We believe the shift to the next economy is urgent and possible, and that applying social innovation principles and practices is essential for identifying, creating, demonstrating, amplifying, and scaling the solutions required to create it.

Together with our members, we are building the next economy.








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