Providing a platform for personal development and entrepreneurial success.

Through collaboration with community champions, experts and leaders, our programs provide a framework for participants to achieve more, build their networks, and realize their goals.

Programs We Offer


Agile, peer-to-peer and hands-on learning experiences, delivered by top industry professionals who have a passion for teaching. coLearn workshops help you seize opportunity in your life, career and business by developing a mindset of success while building valuable skills.


Work with your creative tension to move ideas into action. Cohere gathers a group of skilled collaborators, all with an intrepid mission of conscious learning, sustainable growth and change for a flourishing future.


Over the course of eight weeks, you will set and fulfill weekly goals and commitments that bring you closer to your desired outcome (we call it a Big Bodacious Goal!), all while your fellow coworkers do the same alongside you.

Circular Society

coLab is championing the development of Okanagan Circular Society, to shift towards a new economy of community and collaboration for a just, equitable, and sustainable future.

OCS integrates a wholistic worldview of humanity to support entrepreneurs, investors and enterprise leaders looking to drive ecologically conscious innovation & solve wicked problems to transform root causes of societal challenges and advance the new economy.

Transitioning enterprises into the social innovation ecosystem that generates community wealth and well being.

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