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Are you constantly feeling the creative tension of moving ideas into action? Perhaps you’re seeking a group of skilled collaborators with an intrepid mission to learn, grow, and transform for a flourishing future.

About coHere

The long-standing Trep Cafe has boldly transitioned to Cohere. It was ignited by the community’s imagination. Shifting from a casual weekly conversation to an aligned and intentional initiative that catalyzes potential in a streamlined format.

Valuable Opportunities for Members:

  • Build a vibrant network: members are not just ‘connections’; they are invested in each other’s success and well-being.
  • Shared wisdom: every gathering has gifts of learning, challenge, growth, and gratitude.
  • Get help: get clarity and get unstuck with the guidance of mentors, coaches, and experts.
  • Amplify ideations: pitch your ideas for feedback, guidance, and collaboration.

Every meeting will be facilitated and resources will be recorded, archived, and made available to members.

Are You Ready?

Cohere will resonate for you if:

  • You love to meet entrepreneurs who are living creatively and authentically
  • You are a self-disciplined learner, always adding new tools to your toolbelt
  • You align your goals with actions that build your discipline and habits
  • You seek out spaces that create inclusive social environments to build relationships.
  • You favour diversity of thinking and learn from a variety of sources that stimulate learning and creativity
  • Your business/organizational activities are expressed through purpose, vision, and mission
coLab community

About the Organizer Okanagan coLab

coLab is reimagining how community lives, works, and plays. A community built around five core values: Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Purposefulness, and Celebration.

By becoming a coLab Community Member, you’re joining a network of leaders, innovators, and collaborators. Take part in a thriving, local community dedicated to bringing out the best in one another!