Think, create, and innovate

A place to feel great and do more, together.

At the coLab, you get to define your working environment while building connections within the local community. Discover the benefits of coworking by engaging in the collaborative, aspirational atmosphere we support.

Our Story

coLab is reimagining how community lives, works, and plays.

What once started as a small group of like-minded and independent people has since blossomed into a community of hundreds of inspired thinkers, makers and doers. Collaboration brought new members into the fold, sharing their creative energies to support one another while rethinking what a coworking space could be.

We maintain an open and collaborative culture by encouraging members to take an active role in shaping the coLab, co-creating our future roadmap and helping define how we operate to better our community.

Today, the coLab is supporting new entrepreneurs, established professionals, and inspired creatives who are each making the move to a new way of working.

With spaces designed for productive work, agile meetings, quiet thinking, or anything in-between, the coLab has helped empower its members and their teams to succeed however they work best.

Join the club and take part in a thriving, local community dedicated to bringing out the best in one another!

Key Highlights

  • A community built around 5 core values: Community, Collaboration, Creativity, Purposefulness, and Celebration
  • 500+ members and alumni, and >5K in contacts
  • 1000s of hours of skills development programs and events
  • Partners in Corporate, Education, Government
  • Diverse member success stories of innovation and growth
  • 10 years of producing impactful community initiatives

Our Values


Focused on supporting our people above all else to foster interaction, trust, and the discovery of new opportunities.


Our creativity grows when we encounter the unexpected, an outcome of interactions within a healthy community.


Members are not customers—they are collaborators, supporting each other, the community, and the space itself.


Recognizing that we are all here for a reason by consciously setting goals and dedicating ourselves to reach them.


Together, we create opportunities to have fun *organically*, celebrating the accomplishments of our hard work.

Our Team

Behind the scenes at the coLab is a team brought together by shared values: community, creativity, collaboration, purposefulness, and celebration—we like to have fun!

Fostering a community means bringing together like-minded individuals who enjoy supporting one another.

Rest assured that we are here to ensure members have exceptional experiences when they choose to step inside.

An Environment
Designed with Purpose

The coLab prioritizes inclusion and adaptability, shaping itself to meet our member’s wants and needs. We take socially innovative approaches to bringing community together to create a strong sense of belonging. The aim is to connect, to educate, and to inspire.


We believe in coming together to do more, empowering one another to excel at what we each do best. Supporting our community, the coLab is proud to host events ranging from skill-shares and socials, to talks with experts and thought leaders.


Providing a platform for personal development and entrepreneurial success. Through collaboration with coaches, mentors, experts and business leaders — our programs provide a framework for participants to grow, achieve, build connections, and realize their goals.


A supportive environment that enables personal growth: that’s what our space provides. Whether you are seeking collaboration or need quiet productivity, there is a spot waiting for you at the coLab. What’s more, the Affinity Hall is available for private functions with events — available at a discounted rate for our members.

What it means to be a coLab Community Member

By becoming a coLab Community Member, you’re joining a network of leaders, innovators, and collaborators.

Membership benefits include being part of a curated community of changemakers, access to coworking and ideation spaces, invitations to regular members-only events, and much, much more.