Kelowna CoLab Coworking Rental Space - Resident Desk

As a Resident Member, you will benefit from a host of tools and resources that can offer you the stability your business needs to thrive. And with a full calendar of social events and professional development opportunities, you can work productively while reclaiming your mental wellness piece by piece.

The annoying whirr of coffee grinders interrupting your Super Important Client Call. The old guy with the newspaper who keeps elbowing you by accident. The 9-month-old baby sitting on his mom’s lap who keeps trying to play with your smartphone.

And shop patrons fighting over power outlets like it’s World War 3.

Yeah, that’s what an office is supposed to look like.

Of course, if you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, remote worker, or digital nomad, having a permanent office space means you’re basically paying for an expensive leash. 

The great promise of self-employment was that you’d have the freedom to control your environment. And while the coffee shop can be great for brainstorming ideas, it’s not an effective workspace – especially not long-term.

After all, it’s hard to spend 8 or more hours a day in a place where you have to worry about your laptop being stolen or fret about losing your seat every time you leave to use the washroom.

It’s time to find your business a home.

Plan Features

24/7 access to your own dedicated desk, Mail and package delivery service, Online community access

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Membership Benefits

Gigabit Secure Wifi with Canhost

Member rates/credit for AV Studios

Indoor Bike Racks

Unlimited Local Organic Cherry Hill Coffee and Chai Baba Tea

Inspirational Space with Ever-changing Curated Local Art

Ergonomic Seating

Dog Friendly – Well Behaved Companions Welcome

Corporate or Meeting space available in COVID safe environment

Online self-booking for all members 24/7

Membership in the Global Coworking Visa program

Walkability score = Biker’s Paradise 97%

Two shared kitchens with toaster, microwave and fridge

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