Plan Features
Mail and package delivery service, Meeting room time and hot-desk bookings at member rates, 20 hours AV Studio per month

AV Studio Creator membership can help you to get your ideas out into the world within 24 hours of joining the coLab community of freelancers and creatives committed to the power of pooling resources. By sharing the work and the tools, we bring our best individual creations out into the world!

Looking to Record a Podcast? A Webinar? or Video-Stream a Hybrid Event?

(then you’re going to need some A/V production equipment)

Let’s use “simple” podcasting for our example:

When you start your podcasting journey, you may step into one of two paths:

Path #1: you take waaay too much time deciding what podcast equipment to buy.
Path #2: you buy your gear on a whim without doing enough research beforehand.

The failure of #1 is that you’ve wasted too much time researching when you should be taking action—and actually recording your show and putting it out there in the world.

Warning: be careful not too stray too far in the opposite direction.

The failure of #2 is that you buy the wrong thing—and maybe you get a microphone that doesn’t really work for your needs—and you end up either wasting money, or producing low-quality audio, or both.

This is where the the coLab can help.

Since 2011, we’ve provided shared spaces, equipment, and a supportive community to help you create your best work in a collaborative and inspirational way.

We’ve got some of the best equipment in the industry combined with acoustically optimized bright, clean, and well maintained spaces available for sharing with other members. Both podcasting rooms are soundproofed with noise-absorbant material, so you can record in peace. No worrying about outside noises disrupting your podcast! 

(Plus, you can actually talk at a reasonable broadcast volume instead of your normal hushed “office” tone. Give us your best Pavarotti impression; we won’t hear a thing!)

This means you can focus on creating your content and getting it out into the world instead of worrying about the tools you need to record high quality podcasts.

Whether you are looking for recording audio only or video podcasting, we’ve got the software, the hardware, and the infrastructure support.

Each podcasting room comes equipped with professional-quality microphones with noise filters, headphones, and a portable recorder. Borrow coLab’s equipment for your recording session OR bring your own if you’re in love with your setup.

(and did we mention we’ve got unlimited coffee and tea?)

Come for a visit and let us show you around the studios. 

We build meaningful relationships not just a customer list. Book a 30 minute tour and we’ll share the advantages of creating in a supportive and collaborative coworking environment. 

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Membership Benefits

Gigabit Secure Wifi with Canhost

Member rates/credit for AV Studios

Indoor Bike Racks

Unlimited Local Organic Cherry Hill Coffee and Chai Baba Tea

Inspirational Space with Ever-changing Curated Local Art

Ergonomic Seating

Dog Friendly – Well Behaved Companions Welcome

Corporate or Meeting space available in COVID safe environment

Online self-booking for all members 24/7

Membership in the Global Coworking Visa program

Walkability score = Biker’s Paradise 97%

Two shared kitchens with toaster, microwave and fridge

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