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Mindset Mastery: An Interview with coLab Member Danielle Grant

Photo Credit: Daniel Jones Photography | Mindset development is one of the key pieces of any successful entrepreneur’s journey. Mindset helps you keep your chill when everything is on fire. Mindset gives you a wider perspective on challenges, enabling you to see solutions you might’ve otherwise missed. And mindset is how you learn to […]

And We’re Back: coLab’s Post-COVID Reopening Plan

Roses are red, violets are blue/ coLab is reopening with a whole ton of new measures in place that we’re going to talk about today to keep y’all in the loop/ WOOHOO! That’s right…after being forced back to our home offices, kitchen tables, basements, etc for 2 months, we can now proudly and joyfully say [...]

Love is in the Air: How NOT to Start a Business with Your Spouse

  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! As we celebrate a day all about the weirdest matchmaker ever (“Our friend Cupid set us up on a blind date! He shot us both with golden arrows, it was so romantic!”) let’s explore some of the things that make entrepreneur power couples work…and the things that don’t.   So […]

The Gig Economy: Why Jobs are Disappearing (and How to Make it Work for You)

  The gig economy is on quite a tear. A late-2016 Pew report says that a full 24% of Americans earned money through gigs in 2016, and the story is the same here in Canada. Non-traditional workers make up 20 to 30 percent of the Canadian workforce, and by 2025, a full two-thirds of the […]

Bland to Brand: Networking or NOTworking? Touch Up Your Elevator Pitch with These Simple Sales Tactics

Networking is a great way to develop new business contacts and land new projects, but if you approach networking events the wrong way, you’ll leave without any potential new business opportunities – meaning a wasted evening and an admission fee that got you absolutely nothing. But with the right tactics in mind, you can make […]

How to Clearly Explain Your Idea to a Software Developer

  This week on the blog, coLab member and software tester Shelley LaHay explains how software startups can avoid common development headaches by clearly laying out their software idea right from the get-go.   Have you dreamed of taking your idea and nurturing it into the next hot app, business solution, or software platform? Your […]

New Look, Same Views

We’re sailors on the ferocious seas of freelancing, the endless expanses of entrepreneurism. Braving the storms of uncertainty, crashing through waves of doubt. Looking across the bow and out over the horizon, Shane and I saw the expansion of co+Lab approaching ever faster. We knew. It’s time for a refocusing, a reevaluation.

Plug your company in with Enterprise Membership

Finally, flexible workspace for fast-moving project teams. Scaling companies are always dealing with the frustrations of workspace for their teams. Whether it’s a quick collaborative brainstorming meeting, a flexible multipurpose team hub, or a secure private office — the challenge is managing all this as you speed from 0 to 100.

coLab Buzz #14

December’s an interesting month. Some of us get busier with the holiday hustle, and other find themselves in a period of seasonal slow-down. No matter what your situation is though, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on around you during these hectic holidays. It’s definitely happened to us at times! Don’t worry though, we’re back with […]