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co+Lab Partners with Startup Skool to Usher in the Next Generation of Gamechangers

co+Lab and Accelerate Okanagan are partnering with Startup Skool to bring youth ages 9 – 15 together to learn about entrepreneurship, design thinking, and technology.

Startup SkoolBy the end of the week, students will have created their own business or solved a real business design challenge, designed marketing materials, built their own website, pitched their ideas to a panel of local entrepreneurs, and gained real hands-on entrepreneurial experience!

Early bird registration has opened for August

Startup Skool is focused on teaching the next wave of young leaders how to think with an entrepreneurial mind, so that they can tackle our society’s most difficult social and environmental problems – and make real change.  With a combination of highly trained instructors, strong community partners and a convenient location, this is the perfect camp to send the children in your life to.

View the Startup Skool brochure for more details

Are you a business or entrepreneur who wants to support the next generation of gamechangers?

Startup Skool is a social enterprise educating youth about entrepreneurship, design thinking, and technology. This August 2016, we’re partnering with them to bring their summer programs to Kelowna! Over the course of one week youth ages 9 – 15 will learn about entrepreneurship, idea generation, prototyping, UX, web development, social innovation, and more. We’re looking for entrepreneurs and innovators from startups to large scale companies to collaborate with. Volunteer as a guest speaker, offer a tour of your office, let them create a case study around your business to include in the curriculum, or even act as a dragon for Friday Pitch Days!

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Since 2011, Okanagan co+Lab has been supporting new entrepreneurs and inspired creative professionals to work in a new way — through coworking. We are a community of people who choose to work together, more productively, to make our work, our lives, our cities and communities better.

The co+Lab has been home to more than 100 people — helping them find their career path, start and grow a business, and be a part of an amazing community. Being a coworking space means we live through values of Community, Collaboration, Accessibility, Sustainability and Openness. Our goal is to be the best work environment for 100 more creators, makers, and changemakers in 2016. Help us spread the word!

Accelerate Okanagan exists to give new and growing businesses in the technology industry the levels of competence, connections and community they need to thrive locally, and be recognized internationally. They are the leading tech accelerator in Kelowna providing the necessary tools, disciplines and structure required for success. On Friday Pitch Days we’ll move across the hall to Accelerate Okanagan to learn from and pitch to local entrepreneurs!

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