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Recipe for Success

Welcome to coLab’s Kitchen! Today we’ll be learning how to bake a proper and authentic Recipe for Success! Follow the steps to the exact, and don’t start adding in extra ingredients without proper thought. The last thing you want is an unpalatable future.

Now I know everyone hates when they find a new recipe but have to scroll through the pages of the writer’s life story, and how their ancestors created the recipe before finally getting to the recipe at the bottom. So I’ll just start with a brief synopsis of my life partially before getting to it.  

It all started around 20 or so years ago in a hospital by a lake… 




Kidding! Now as ‘Mulan’ said, “Let’s get down to business, to eat these buns!” That’s the right quote I’m sure. 

The first ingredient you’ll need to start with is 2 tbsp of Energy. 

In business, you need to keep sharp and alert. You’ll need lots of energy for hunting new clients, putting in extra hours of work, and going the extra mile. So put on your running shoes, you can’t stop now. 

After that, add 5 ¼ tsp of Focus. 

Keep your eyes on the prize. That prize being your work. Distractions keep you from being the best you can be. Put on calming music, noise cancelling headphones, or find a quiet place to work if you are prone to distractions. 

Next, add 10 shakes of Flexibility. 

Be open to negotiations and compromises. Your business and clients will benefit from adjustable terms and conditions.

Up next on our list is 7 cups of Confidence. 

That’s a lot, but you’ll need all of it. Confidence doesn’t come easy for everyone, but you can fake it. After faking it for some time, it’ll come naturally. Promoting yourself through your personality and belief in yourself will open more doors than you think at first. 

Adding next is 1 cup of Community. 

Your community is your support system. You can talk about ideas, both good and bad to them to see if it will work. A community isn’t just for your benefit though, being there for someone else, helping them with their questions and troubles is gratifying. You can get a lot of perspectives this way. 

Next, you’ll want to add just a dash of Salt. 

Not everything in business will go your way. Sometimes clients will leave, or a negotiation will fail. It happens to all of us. Accept that salt is a natural part of any business. Overcome it, learn, grow. We can’t have sugar every day. 

The last and most important ingredient to add is the whole gosh darn bag of Faith. 

Believe in yourself and your work, especially when getting started. With every big company now making millions of dollars and contributing to the community in impactful ways- they all started out with faith in their idea. Keep adding to that dream, making it more detailed and realistic. Make it happen. 




Well, there’s Blue’s Recipe for Success, use it in any way you please. I wish you all the success in your business and work. Goodbye and good luck! 

Aiobhe Blue – Blue Pencil

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