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Going Loco for Local: One coLabber’s Mission to Supercharge the Okanagan Economy

This week on the coLab blog, we talk to Des Regier about giving the Okanagan economy a shot of adrenaline. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it shattered a lot of paradigms and sparked a lot of changes. For coLab member Des Regier, the most significant shift had to do with realizing just how many consumer […]

Small Wonders: Throw a Stone and Watch the Ripple Effect

Have you ever heard of the ripple effect? Defined as the continuing and spreading results of an event or action, we are seeing it evidenced in protests around the world sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I became aware of it in February, a month before the COVID-19 pandemic hijacked 2020—and the […]

Virtual Events & the Friends of coLab Membership

Virtual Meeting

UPDATE: coLab is planning a phased reopening, and gradually opening to members. Come discover how you can join our community. Not ready to work in our space yet? Join virtually with our Friends of coLab membership. The COVID-19 public health crisis is requiring companies of all kinds to innovate, to create new business models that [...]

Hustle Hard: An Interview with coLab Events Specialist Sophie Sullivan

coLab is more than just four walls and a bunch of desks. One of the best parts of the coLab experience is all of the educational and fun events that bring the community together to learn, grow, share, and network. But running an event machine like coLab demands the support of a variety of talented […]

Recipe for Success

Welcome to coLab’s Kitchen! Today we’ll be learning how to bake a proper and authentic Recipe for Success! Follow the steps to the exact, and don’t start adding in extra ingredients without proper thought. The last thing you want is an unpalatable future. Now I know everyone hates when they find a new recipe but […]

Community = Caring: An Interview with coLab Community Manager Carolina Nogueira

Supporting a community as big as coLab involves several people working together to create amazing experiences. Today, we’re talking to Carolina Nogueira, coLab’s Community Manager and one of the shiny, happy people responsible for creating the coLab experience you know and love. When you walk into coLab, chances are, one of the first people you’ll […]

A Flood of Ambition: An Interview with DryFab Customs CEO Jeff Swan

Y’all know that building a business ain’t easy. It takes passion, commitment, book smarts, and a crazy amount of faith. Today on the coLab blog, we’re talking with coLabber Jeff Swan about his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he’s learned that are helping him succeed. coLab: Where are you from? Jeff:  Winnipeg, MB coLab: What […]

The Best Places To Have Lunch Downtown

Eating together is social glue. The idea of Hungry Hungry Hustlers is to make connections, meet someone new all while eating something tasty. Bi-weekly on Thursdays, coLab chooses different downtown local eateries for members and their guests to grab lunch. The coLab members listed their favourite places to have lunch downtown and we want to […]

What Coworking Means: An Interview with Content Czar Mike Straus

Coworking Week is coming up, and here at coLab, we’re asking members what coworking means to them. Today, we’re talking with coLabber Mike Straus about the meaning of coworking and how coworking has impacted his life. Mike is a freelance copywriter and longtime coLab member with a lot to say about coworking. COLAB: If you […]