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co+Lab Buzz #13

With summer sliding away and fall showing it’s face it’s time to get off the beaches and back to work. After a few great months of Okanagan sun and fun, take some time to catch up with our members and their most recent endeavours, undertakings, excitements, and ideas! If you don’t already know, co+Lab Buzz is […]

co+Lab Buzz #11

It’s April and spring has sprung! But that’s the not the only thing springing… co+Lab members have exciting news to jump up and down about, and their businesses are growing. Even better, no hay fever! If you don’t already know, co+Lab Buzz is a regular column that features news on members of our coworking space.

co+Lab Buzz #10

First things first… happy 2016! Welcome to the first co+Lab Buzz of the year; we guarantee, it’ll be 100% new year’s resolution proof. If the notion of resolutions makes you super cranky, this issue is guaranteed to bring you joy as you catch up with stories of co+Lab’s community.  If you don’t already know, co+Lab […]