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co+Lab is a shared work space in Kelowna, BC that gets freelancers, contractors and small working teams out of home offices & in to the Downtown Kelowna core.

  • The Office

    First up, co+Lab is a place where you can concentrate without the distractions of home, get your head down and focus or collaborate with your fellow co+Lab entrepreneurs.
  • The Building

    co+Lab is located in the Kelowna Innovation Centre (powered by Accelerate Okanagan). That means you get super-whizzy fast internet as well as business centre style facilities.
  • The Community

    co+Lab puts you at the centre of the Okanagan Valley's entrepreneurial community in the location of choice for technology and media startups and service providers.

A People-powered Community Hub

The co+Lab started as an idea from members of Kelowna’s tech community who wanted to spend their work days surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs in a creative, open space. Through co-working in local coffee shops, momentum grew and partnerships started to form that made room for the idea of a shared workspace in Kelowna.

Whether you want to call it shared workspace, a co-working space, collaboration space, or even hack space, the idea around it is the same. Create an environment that gets creative, technology and media entrepreneurs out of their home offices, lets them concentrate when they need to and encourages them to share ideas, ask for help, and challenge each other to do better work.

Why Co-working?

Whether you are a freelance graphic designer, a space planner, a videographer or a developer that works remotely for a living – or are building a startup – where you exist and who exists around you is critical. Working from your home steals away the opportunity to pop your head over your monitor and ask a question or get instant feedback on what you are working on. Co-working encourages this and as a result helps you grow your skills and build working relationships with the people around you.

Get started with co+Lab


#205, 1405 St. Paul Street
Kelowna, BC, V1Y2E4

Contact us to book a tour, see co+Lab’s facilities and meet our people.



Full-time membership includes dedicated workspace, business hours access, use of lounge and meeting rooms. Cost starts at only $300/month.


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