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Coworking Week 2015

Coworking Week 2015

This year is the 10th anniversary for coworking and we at co+Lab want to celebrate International Coworking Day on August 9th 2015 in a BIG way. From August 4th to August 8th we’re going to provide 1 day of free coworking from August 4th to 7th, leading up to the big day. There’s a limit of 1 free day per registrant and coworker registration must happen on our Eventbrite event page.

Eventbrite - Coworking Week Celebration - FREE Coworking for a day!

What is this Coworking thing all about?

Coworking might be an unfamiliar concept to many but it’s taking the world by storm with over 2500 coworking spaces now operating across the globe.

Not to be confused with business centres and serviced offices, which are not shy in using the coworking buzzword, rather the true meaning of coworking is demonstrated by those who are passionate about Collaboration, Community, Openness, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

It was August 9th 2005 that Brad Neuberg opened the first collaborative workspace, called Spiral Muse, and dubbed it “coworking”. He was quickly joined by other early coworking leaders like Tara Hunt & Chris Messina, who were original founders of the Hat Factory (along with Brad Neuberg and a few others), and then Citizen Space, which is still a thriving coworking space to this very day.

Stay tuned for updates on this celebration.

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