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co+Lab Buzz #4


This is the fourth action packed edition of our series co+Lab Buzz. We’ll regularly gather the most recent and newsworthy accomplishments coming out of our coworking space and deliver them to you on a silver platter. 

co+Lab Buzz

Enjoy edition #4!

donnieDonnie Ungaro
Donnie and Culinary Ink are looking out the window and the weather is warming and the ground thawing, which means #foodbikes are around the corner. Culinary Ink had a great few weeks of operation in the fall and is looking forward to rocking three bikes around town in late March/early April. As you might remember, Culinary Ink raises funds and awareness for the Kelowna Community Food Bank, Metro Community and Soles4Souls Canada. Check them out at www.culinaryink.com and on Facebook to find out what tasy socially conscious comfort food they are serving this week.

Culinary Ink is also looking for THE ONE.

Josh SearsJosh Sears
“Exiting my business soon and moving on… Lots of nutty things floating in head, none are sticking. Fuzzy, scary and sort of funny all at once. I’d happily welcome tourism business ideas.”

MikeMike Porter
“Got promoted to Training Coordinator at Penticton Search and Rescue. Huge honour. Helped rescue a nice couple from atop Frosty Mountain a couple weeks ago; Cormorant is an amazing machine!
Had a nice visit to our new coworking friends up in Vernon BC! Check them out sometime! Have added a new training event to the Power Hour Series – Opening a New Restaurant in BC, along with A+ Business Plan Writing, Financial Literacy from the Bankers Perspective, Leasing 101, Launching a New Business for Mompreneurs. Don’t laugh. Moms are incredibly entrepreneurial!!”

Tom MaxwellTom Maxwell
“Here is a video that was (sort of) recently released about our trip to the Homeless World Cup in Santiago back in September last year. https://vimeo.com/114667066

One of our local Kelowna Kodiaks Street Soccer players (James) got selected to go play for Canada at the Homeless World Cup and I went with him as a support worker. The video is fantastic.”

Christine MettlerChristine Mettler
Christine is new to Kelowna and to co+Lab, and is liking the new digs so far! She recently established a new consulting company, WaterCycles (www.watercycles.org), which offers policy, research, outreach and other support services to help make watershed and environmental management more effective.

Clint Schnee - UX/UI DesignerClint Schnee
“I’m on a panel tomorrow at the Digital Kids conference in NYC, talking about increasing loyalty and engagement with kids.

Cultivating Loyal Digital Kids: How to safely drive engagement, retention and revenue

Justin Goodhew -Digital Marketing EntrepreneurJustin Goodhew
“I am now the new Community Activator. Really stoked to get more involved in the kelowna community as a while and see how I can improve on an already fantastic coLab and business community.

Company I am consulting for as the director of partnerships just signed 2 massive partnerships – 1 is saylor.org and the other is a large mooc provider that will be released on march 2nd.

Socialpractice.ca just successfully launched its newest service. Online 1 on 1 training sessions. This is the optometry social media one.

I gave a talk at solopreneur meet up.”

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