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Testify! Give Your Testimonials a Persuasion Boost with These Quick Tips — Bland to Brand

Testimonials are the Chuck Norris of marketing. Too many of them, and your marketing collateral starts looking like a cheesy 80s movie. Too few, and you have zero pizzazz. But just enough, and you’re ready to unleash a roundhouse kick of persuasion and start winning the fight for more sales.

Here are just a few ways that you can use testimonials to start converting more leads.

Client Feedback Forms Can Build Testimonials

Simply asking a client to say nice things about you isn’t the best way to get a testimonial that converts leads. Instead, use client feedback forms as an opportunity to solicit answers that you can turn into testimonials.

For instance, start asking clients questions like:

  • What was your favourite thing about working with me?
  • What’s the biggest benefit you saw?
  • Before we started working together, what was your biggest fear? Did it come true?

Then, you’ll be able to help your clients create testimonials – and that makes it much easier to create testimonials that convert.

Use Facts and Figures to Boost Credibility

When getting testimonials, specificity is key.

For instance, “Mike helped me earn $2,500 in just 72 hours!” is more compelling than “Mike is awesome!”

Specificity is what generates trust, so check up on your clients every 6 months to see what results they’re getting.

When done properly, testimonials can create trust and help you close more sales. You can use testimonials to add an instant credibility boost to your website, brochures, and project proposals.

Visit brandgesture.ca for more simple tips and tricks to give your marketing a boost.

Mike Straus

Bland to Brand is written by Mike Straus, a copywriter, journalist, marketing genius, walking pun factory, and long time co+Lab community member. Each post is part of a larger series to help YOU and YOUR small business succeed in a landscape that is becoming more and more saturated every day. Like what you’re reading? Find out more about Mike and his work at Brand Gesture.

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