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Want to Land More Contracts? Make Your Project Proposals More Compelling — Bland to Brand

Project proposals: They may sound like a chore, but they’re actually a great opportunity to justify your value to prospects – which enables you to charge higher rates. So how do you turn your project proposals from mere formalities into living, breathing documents that make sales? Here’s what you need to know.

Use a Website Builder Instead of Word

Hiring managers at large corporations have already seen dozens of project proposals, most of which were probably written in Word. And if you’re sending out Word documents, you’re failing to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Instead, delight your prospects with a great user experience by using a drag-and-drop website builder. (My favourite is Strikingly.)

Structure Your Project Proposal Like a Sales Document

News flash: Nobody cares who you are. They just care about how you can solve their problems.

So don’t start with a bio. Instead, start with a summary of the problem that you intend to solve. Once you’ve laid out the problem and its implications, that’s when you can start talking about the solutions you offer (as well as testimonials and portfolio samples.) By placing your business bio at the end of the project proposal, you keep the most salient information front and center.

Taking a sales-oriented approach to project proposals is a great way to boost your close rate and win higher rates on contracts. (In fact, this approach has helped me to convince clients to spend up to 3 times more money than they originally planned to.)

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Mike Straus

Bland to Brand is written by Mike Straus, a copywriter, journalist, marketing genius, walking pun factory, and long time co+Lab community member. Each post is part of a larger series to help YOU and YOUR small business succeed in a landscape that is becoming more and more saturated every day. Like what you’re reading? Find out more about Mike and his work at Brand Gesture.

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