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Become a Digital Nomad with the Coworking Visa

When you become a member of co+Lab you have the opportunity to join a global fellowship of Digital Nomads by accessing a large network of coworking spaces under the Coworking Visa program. You are free to travel the world, enjoy your life and still grow a successful business on your own terms. 

What does this mean to you? As a co+Lab member you can make use of any of the other spaces in the network, usually up to three times, free of charge. In exchange, our coworking space offers use of facilities to the other members of the other spaces in the network.

According to OpenCoworking.org:

“The Coworking Visa is an extremely simple but powerful way for coworking spaces to offer free access to members of other spaces. So many coworking spaces operate independently of one another while still maintaining friendly, collaborative relations. To forge formal relationships with each like-minded space would be impossible, so the Visa gracefully handles this by creating a way for any space that’s interested in sharing to opt in.”

If you’re curious about which locations offer deals to travellers, just visit the Coworking Visa Map (hat tip to The Network Hub) website… it’ll even show you the places closest to you!

Considering a membership? Sign up using the promo-code DIGITALNOMAD and get 50% off your first two months membership, up until May 31st, 2016.


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