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Beer Truck Disaster Preparedness for Startups

Understanding that employees keep a lot of your startup’s critical info in their heads is part of every disaster (or attrition) preparedness plan. The analysis often begins with, “What if (employee name) gets hit by a beer truck?” But for a tech startup with just a few developers – especially when the founder isn’t one […]

Recruitment and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Handshake

This week’s blog article comes to us courtesy of coLab member Ingrid Takai, who explains the importance of having solid HR practices for your startup. A lot rides on a handshake: Establishing trust, making deals, and mending fences. And yet, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “there’s absolutely no guidelines for handshakes – too strong, […]

Watch Your Language! Boost Your Effectiveness at Work by Eliminating these Three Words

    This week on the blog, coLab member and leadership coach Karen Bowen gives us a primer on a few simple ways that you can improve communication with your team starting right now. Words can often seem inconsequential in the moment. But what studies have repeatedly shown is that the words we use Matter. […]