Why coLab?

Because coLabbers work better.

Whether it’s the professional environment that motivates you to be more productive, the ample networking opportunities that lead to your next big move, or just the fact that you actually have a place to meet clients that isn’t a coffee shop, coLab allows you to work more effectively.

Origin Story

Community has been the core foundational element of coLab since it was first founded in 2011.

We didn’t have a big fancy event space, we didn’t have a professional-looking boardroom, and we didn’t have a nifty new coffee bar.

What we had? Was each other.

coLab started as a small, tight-knit group of six independent professionals who were tired of the home office drudgery. We were tired of having no one to talk to but our cats. We were tired of never seeing the outside world. We were tired of feeling like we were missing out on all the amazing things that were happening just outside our doors.

So we banded together to establish a common workspace for creative types who crave social connection.

The Space

Over time, we attracted more and more members. We acquired more space. We added more amenities – upgraded the coffee situation, brought in a foosball table – and turned coLab into a place where creative professionals could thrive.

We started hosting events. We started finding creative new ways to get members involved in events, initiatives, and decisions. We joined the Coworking Visa program to give our members access to coworking spaces all over the world.

Today, we have over 12,000 square feet of space, and we’re home to hundreds of members. coLab alumni have gone on to form companies and become major local job creators. We’ve added an event space, a proper kitchen, and tons of offices and meeting rooms.

And while the coLab space has changed, the thing that makes coLab what it is? Has stayed constant.

We’re talking about the community.

Our Values


The coLab community is an eclectic, supportive, and highly talented group of like-minded professionals who realize that good things happen when people work together. coLab doesn’t just rely on its community; coLab is the community. Community is in our DNA.


The term “knowledge economy” is a misnomer. The real impact doesn’t come from knowledge – it comes from creatively assembling knowledge into solutions. Creativity is an essential trait in business – and coLab strives to promote creativity in every way.


Community + creativity = collaboration. One of the great benefits of working alongside talented, knowledgeable people in a variety of industries is the ideas that are disseminated by osmosis – and then re-formed into cohesive plans through collaboration. At coLab, it’s easy to find that technical or creative whiz to run ideas past.


At coLab, we’re all about getting stuff done. That’s why we’ve got meeting rooms for nailing that client pitch, tasty coffee to keep you focused and energetic, and desks for when it’s time to do that butt-in-chair work. It’s called co-working for a reason. We work hard, and we’re proud of it.


Nobody ever said that work has to be boring. The coLab is a community of get-it-done type people, but we’re also a community of people who like to have fun. Whether it’s a friendly game of foosball after lunch, a Crafternoon to end the week, or celebrating as a member rings the Gong of Victory, coLab actively works to create opportunities for members to have fun.

Our People

The people of coLab are what make this place what it is: A diverse, supportive community of independent professionals who are helping each other to push the boundaries of work. These are just some of the people you’ll encounter in and around the coLab.