Mike Straus | Freelance Copywriter

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"I’m a B2B SaaS tech copywriter specializing in science-backed sales funnels that speak human.

My work has helped my clients to:

•2X their sales within 2 weeks
•boost email open rates to 130% above industry average
•boost email clickthrough rates to 600% above industry average
•get 11x more blog readers within 2 months
•expand their mailing lists by 400%
•increase sitewide pageviews by 35% within 6 months
•increase organic web traffic by 145% within 6 months
•get shortlisted at the COLLISION startup pitch competition
•get provincial and national media coverage from major outlets like Global News and the BC Innovation Council
•win provincial awards from well-respected institutions like Enactus

My past clients include B2B SaaS companies like Better Proposals, GotDone (now part of Timely), StreetText, and yodelME, as well as big-name consumer brands like Hockey Canada and Star Trek.

I’ve written on marketing topics for Small Business BC, UX Booth, The Freelance to Freedom Project, Make A Living Writing, and Lemonstand, among others. I’ve also been cited as a source by ClearVoice, Smashing Magazine, Web Designer Depot, Sparkflow, and BIR International Conferences.

When it comes to sales & marketing, the B2B SaaS game can be a tough grind.

Whether you're selling a cloud-based Geographic Information System, a field safety compliance app, or an industrial workflow management suite, recruiting new users means navigating multiple layers of decision-makers (not all of whom speak Techie), overcoming resistance to change (because your *real* competitor is the status quo), standing out from other providers (and finding a way to do it other than price), and retaining users over the long term in spite of low barriers to cancellation (because according to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in user retention could mean a 95% increase in profits).

The good news? Is that good copy can solve all of these challenges.

Because while it’s important that your solution is encrypted with 256-bit AES security, the human being who makes purchasing decisions for your ideal client will have no clue what the heck that means. All they know is that they need to solve a business challenge and they don’t want any fuss or headaches.

If you’re looking for a tech-savvy copywriter who can create accurate, persuasive assets – someone who can make terrible puns about GUI cookies but knows it makes no technical sense – then we should chat."

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