Shane Austin

Serendipity Architect

I am a business owner and professional designer with a passion for community building. During my years wearing an ‘entrepreneur’s hat’ I’ve been growing a coworking business, consulting on product design and user experience, and volunteering for a non-profit aimed at digital professionals.

As a designer I have a track record of successes, with over fourteen years of experience with medium to large projects. I’ve worked in agency, corporate, government and educational settings. I believe that better results are obtained by early problem definition, clear and sustained communication and rapidly iterating through solutions by involving all stakeholders throughout.


• Designed User Interface systems for enterprise products with millions of users and hundreds of implementations.
• Developed design solutions for complex environments in education, healthcare and government.
• Demonstrated leadership in multiple areas, including creative direction, project management, and community management.
• Taught several design classes over the years, and continue to mentor and coach other industry professionals.
• Created and facilitated a series of over 70 workshops that continue to grow the professional community by advancing the knowledge and use of User-centred and UX design practices. 

" Learn. Envision. Create. Observe. Grow. "

Our Team

Behind the scenes at the coLab is a team brought together by shared values: community, creativity, collaboration, purposefulness, and celebration—we like to have fun!

Fostering a community means bringing together like-minded individuals who enjoy supporting one another.

Rest assured that we are here to ensure members have exceptional experiences when they choose to step inside.