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Digital Nomadism: When Your Entire Life is One Long Vacation

Vacations: Even the most dedicated workaholic enjoys them. But the one thing about vacations that isn’t so much fun? Is that they always end. Unless, of course, you’re a digital nomad. For digital nomads, the secret to fulfillment is living their entire lives like it’s one long vacation. Sure, there are times when the work […]

10 Reasons Why Coworking Is Better Than A Rental Office

If you’ve ever been trapped into the oppressive cubicle-farm or have to scramble to get the best seat in a noisy coffee shop, this is old news. For those who are hardlined about their fantasy of the office of solitude, here are some excellent reasons to consider trying coworking, before signing that 10-year lease.

Escape from Campus With co+Lab’s Student Memberships

Grad school office not cutting it? Need a more lively location to wrap up your thesis or dissertation? Come work alongside some impromptu advisors! co+Lab offers convenient and affordable memberships to students attending UBC Okanagan, Okanagan College, Centre for Arts and Technology and other local educational institutions.