Look Professional With Privacy and Safety

Give your team an environment they can thrive in.

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Gigabit Secure Wifi with Canhost

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Boardrooms, meeting rooms, event rooms, oh my!

Need a professional space to collaborate with your team? Our 5 meeting rooms make it easy to brainstorm.

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Coffee strong enough to keep Lorelai Gilmore happy.

All members have access to FREE Cherry Hill coffee. (Also, tea for the tea drinkers. Ca-tea-strophe averted!)

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2 spacious kitchen lounges.

Need a coffee break? Looking to grab a quick lunch away from the computer? Chill in one of our two kitchen lounges and refresh your brain.

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Our Members Work Better

Here’s what coLab members have to say about the coLab experience.

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“The first day walking into coLab was the beginning of a whole new world. Coworking changed my life. Had I known where the power of a collaborative work space would take my business in just a few short months, I would have jumped on this train years ago.”

— Tasha Da Silva, cofounder, VinStream

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“Since working at the coLab I’ve started up an animation studio which now employees 60 people. Some of the those people I met during my time at coLab.”

— Todd Ramsay, cofounder, Yeti Farm

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“Choosing an office at the coLab was an easy decision. Being around all different types of business owners is inspiring and always leads to chance collaborations and connections. We’ve had two offices here and both fit our company’s needs perfectly. The internet is fast and the coffee is hot, and there is always something interesting happening in the coLab.”

— Jay Pozo, owner & CEO, Mega Build Lab Ltd.