Limited ‘part-time’ desks available

We’ve been busy getting co+Lab ready for the Sept 1 opening and have an exciting new announcement.

We are going to open up 2 desks as part-time rentals for those who are looking at testing the coworking waters before fully committing. We are accepting up to 4 people for this part time pool and part time members will be required to use a booking system to guarantee desk availability.

  • Pricing is $150 per month and requires an initial deposit of $150.
  • Includes all the amenities of the space (blazing high-speed internet, meeting room, kitchen, patio, awesome coworkers)
  • Includes use of a desk & chair but no exclusive use – nothing may be left at the workspace overnight.
  • Since there are up to 2 part time members per desk, members will have to book the desk when they wish to use it or work out a schedule with the other part-time member.
  • The brainstorming/lounge area is always available if the desk is unavailable when you wish to use it.
  • This is a limited-time experiment and once the 4 spots are taken, it is unlikely we will be opening up more. We may also decide to end the part-time program once we have full-time members who are in need of the desks.

Spaces are expected to fill up quickly, so sign up today!

(Network Hub in Vancouver)