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Asher Klassen – Guest Spotlight – Coworking Week 2016


It’s Coworking Week! As part of our celebration we’ve opened our doors even wider than usual and are providing a day of free coworking. Each day we will be profiling at least one of our guest coworkers to let you in on some of the great things happening.

Asher Klassen – Canadian Cartoonist

Asher Klassen is a Kelowna based cartoonist, illustrator, printmaker, barfly, scholar, bibliophile, and longbowman. His body of work deals with topics ranging from, but not limited to, politics, comics theory, faith, and criminal law.

Kodie — Hi! So for those who don’t know you, who are you in a nutshell?

Asher — My name is Asher Klassen and I’m a cartoonist, illustrator, and printmaker.

K — You’re heavily involved in the local comics and cartooning scene as well as events like Comic Jam or Art Brew. Comics in Kelowna? What gives?

A — Yeah! We’ve got a small but very rich community of independent comics creators in this town! We’ve got writers in the area looking to break into comics, we’ve got illustrators looking for writers to work with, or are working with people in other parts of the country. We’ve also got a lot of what I’d call a “full-package” cartoonist who are writing and drawing their own content and self publishing either on the web or in print.

K You’re here visiting for Coworking Week, and we’re glad to have you! What got you interested enough in coworking to come down and see what it’s all about?

A — I’d been interested in a while in having office space away from my studio space. I find it hard to get the sort of “office” stuff done when I’m sitting in my studio. It’s nice to be able to bring my computer somewhere that’s not the drawing table to work on the blog, the online store, break in my new digital tablet. It’s great to be able to do that in an inspirational room with other working professionals.

K — What’s one thing that you’re focusing on getting done today in co+Lab?

A — Right now I’m sorting out some Canada Post shipping rates to ship some of my comics across the country.

— What sort of comics are you shipping around the country?

Illegal criminal comics! Don’t tell the authorities.

K — Where can people find out more about you and see some of your work?

A — You can find me online at www.ajkomics.ca as well as on Instagram.

What is coworking week?

This year is the 11th anniversary for coworking and we at co+Lab are celebrating International Coworking Day on August 12th 2016 in a BIG way. From August 8th to August 12th we’re providing 1 day of free coworking from August 8th to 12th, leading up to the big day. There’s a limit of 1 free day per registrant and coworker registration must happen on our Eventbrite event page.

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Coworking Week 2016
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