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Join a community of creatives, technologists and entrepreneurs—You’ll meet new colleagues and friends—every day.

co+Lab has launched a new membership that brings more people into community, participating rather than shyly observing from the outside.

Friends of co+Lab is aimed at people who’d like to escape the monotonous home office and the chaotic coffee shop — they want to do great work in the company of great people.

People just like you.

Join the “Friends of co+Lab” and sign up for a $30 per month membership today. It’s simple to sign up, and that membership gets you the following perks:

  • drop into our lounge (if it’s not booked), grab a coffee and connect to our wifi
  • hot-desk for 1 day per month — work alongside some extraordinary people
  • book our meeting rooms for 1 hour per month — need to win a client or meet your team?
  • attend community events put on by Digital Okanagan

As a Friend of co+Lab, you are supporting events like Lean Coffee, UX Breakfast, Startup Weekend, Design Jams and many others from the fine folks at Digital Okanagan.

Join Friends of co+Lab for $30/month

Sign up now and get the first month FREE.

If you know anyone who’d also like to be a part of co+Lab and join our vibrant community, please share this page through your network.

Offer ends March 31, 2015.

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Say “Hi” to Kodie, co+Lab’s Community Activator