April 5, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Okanagan coLab
1405 St Paul St
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9N2
Startup Weekend Okanagan Power-Up @ Okanagan coLab | Kelowna | British Columbia | Canada

You have your idea. You have your objective. Now let’s supercharge your progress.

Startup Weekend is a little like Groundhog Day (the Bill Murray film, not the date in February):

Just when you think it’s over, it comes back.

(So it’s also kind of like the villain in every horror film ever? …forget we said that.)

Point being: 25% of all Techstars Startup Weekend participants actually KEEP WORKING on their idea even after Startup Weekend is over!

That’s right – there’s a sizeable contingent of dedicated people who are turning their Startup Weekend pitch into a REAL business. And the success stories about these startups abound.

We recognize how difficult it is to make that happen.

Yes, you’re just coming off a 56-hour marathon. Yes, you have a life outside of your startup. Yes, you’ve got other commitments.

But if you’re passionate about your Startup Weekend project and just crazy enough to want to keep working on it….

Then we have the event for you.

Introducing: SWO Power-Up. THE entrepreneurship development initiative for all you Startup Weekenders who fell so helplessly in love with your startup idea that it’s the only thing you want to think about.

And the best way to see to it that your startup loves you back? Is by nourishing it with SWO Power-Up.

At SWO Power-Up, you’ll learn how to move your team’s project forward, have an opportunity to recalibrate your goals and align your processes, and get access to mentors who have been there and done that.

By attending SWO Power-Up, you’ll gain:

  • A better awareness of the startup journey, so you know what lies ahead on your adventure
  • Clarity around your goals and direction, which means you’ll waste less time figuring out the HOW
  • Connection to mentors & resources that can guide you through obstacles

If you’re ready to take your startup idea to the next level, then SWO Power-Up is for you.

Join us on April 5th at 6pm at 1405 St. Paul Street to connect, engage and gain insight on developing your idea.

Have questions? Please contact [email protected]

Thanks to our sponsors: Okanagan coLab and Hustle Outlet