January 23, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Okanagan coLab
201-1405 St Paul St
Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E4
Startup Founder Hot Seat Panel: Raising Capital for Your Startup @ Okanagan coLab | Kelowna | British Columbia | Canada

When it comes to building a scalable business, access to capital is one of the do-or-die factors that can determine how quickly a startup accelerates. You can’t invest in growth with money you don’t have, and while there’s definitely something to be said for bootstrapping a startup in its early pre-validation phases, you’ll quickly run into fulfillment issues and growth caps if you start gaining serious traction.

Quite simply, bootstrapping is like a rocket-powered pogo stick. It works for short sprints, and it’s perfectly fine for moderate-sized hops over a reasonable distance. But if you try and take off too high or too far, you could suffer the same fate as Wile E. Coyote.

There’s a better way to build your startup. It’s called raising capital. (Imagine if that crazy coyote had investor funding and could source his roadrunner-hunting tools from a more reputable company than ACME. That’s what raising capital does for you.)

So if you’re ready to finally catch that roadrunner without having all of your systems and tools blow up in your face, come check out our Startup Founder Hot Seat panel and learn the ins and outs of raising capital from actual startup founders and investors.

At this event, you’ll hear from the real-life stories of how startup founders got the cash infusions they needed, how investors vetted their picks, and what you can do to get the capital you need for your startup. We’ll also hear about entrepreneurs who chose not to raise capital and how they built successful businesses with their own money.

As always, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in a meaningful conversation about the merits and perils of both bootstrapping and investor funding. (Because sometimes, the self-funded way is the best.)

What you’ll learn:

  • How they did it: Real stories from successful entrepreneurs and investors.

  • Next-level success strategies: How to think about your startup idea and the way to approach raising capital and hitting your goals.


Who should attend?

Startup founders, Early-Stage Entrepreneurs, Investors and anyone wanting to support the local startup ecosystem.

Have a Startup Idea? Pitch Your Idea at our Next Pitch Night

Submit your idea!

Submit your idea in no more than 35 words (that’s not much, we know) and we’ll send you feedback on your application within two weeks of Hot Seat. Only 5 selected entrants will be allowed — that’s right, this is going to be more exclusive than Mensa.

Looking for a pitch format to follow? Start with Founder Institute’s one sentence pitch framework to help you begin: http://fi.co/madlibs

The format is strictly a 5 minute pitch with 5 minutes panel feedback. (Lesson one of the startup world: If you can’t make them care within 5 minutes, you need to refine your idea until you can.)

Ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants feedback from leading entrepreneurs

  • Anyone who has an idea for a startup or an early-stage company

  • Anyone who needs practice and expert advice on pitching

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Hot Seat is an inclusive community event, and we’d love to have you attend. Interested in getting involved? Contact us at sophie@okcolab.com