July 20, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Okanagan coLab
1405 St Paul St #204
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9N2
Shane Austin
Startup Founder Hot Seat @ Okanagan coLab | Kelowna | British Columbia | Canada

Investor Pitches, Investor Feedback

Have a startup and thinking about raising money? Thinking about starting a startup and looking for honest and valuable feedback? Not afraid of blunt, honest (and maybe even a little soul-crushing) feedback on your solution or pitching ability from experienced startup advisors and entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done that, and have the caffeine addiction to prove it? Then join us for the Startup Founder Hot Seat event, brought to you by Okanagan coLab!

This event is designed to put on stage 5-8 startups who will present their companies to a panel of startup experts.

There are two goals for this event – provide helpful feedback to the startups in a friendly and encouraging environment, and open the knowledge up to the general public so everyone can learn and grow. Even if you don’t want to present, you are invited to register, hear startup ideas, and watch how the experts analyze and critique new businesses.

How Hot Seat Works

We recommend you attend our Pitch Deconstruction and Reconstrfuction workshops. Check our calendar to find dates and sign up. Then…

Submit your idea! Here’s our submission form.

Send your idea in no more than 35 words (that’s not much, we know) before July 16th. Only selected entrants will be allowed — that’s right, this is going to be more exclusive than Mensa.

Looking for a pitch format to follow? Start with Founder Institute’s one sentence pitch framework to help you begin: http://fi.co/madlibs

The format is strictly a 5 minute pitch with 5 minutes panel feedback. (Lesson one of the startup world: If you can’t make them care within 5 minutes, you need to refine your idea until you can.)

Ideal for:

  • Startups that are raising money
  • Existing companies that are building a presentation
  • Entrepreneurs just starting their journey who want to practice their pitch

The Format

Each participant will place their name in a hat to be drawn at random and then be asked to be in the “hot seat”. (If it helps, you can pretend the seat is suspended above a boiling vat of lava like in every James Bond movie ever.)

Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • What have you done to date about your idea? I.e. business research, contact with suppliers, sales, etc. (In other words: Have you actually gotten up off the couch, or is your canine shoe startup Wood Clogs for Good Dogs simply the product of a rhyming joke you made that one time on your coffee break?)
  • What do you believe you need to do next to move your idea forward? What’s your biggest concern? (AKA How do you plan on getting from here to there? And don’t say “monorail”.)

Don’t worry, this is not the Dragon’s Den – you won’t be asked to make a formal pitch, and we promise to keep Kevin O’Leary far, far away from all of you.

Our Startup Expert Panel

Todd Embley

Todd, an Okanagan native, spent 8 years in China both as an entrepreneur and as a VC with the fund SOSV building up and running Asia’s #1 early-stage startup accelerator, Chinaccelerator, based in Shanghai. After a brief stint in Silicon Valley running the oldest co-working space in San Francisco then building a growth program for funded graduates of accelerators, he is back home with his new company HORIZONthree – Innovation Success, Simplified

Warren MacPhee

Warren is a local business owner, entrepreneur and investor. He is deeply passionate about applying his diverse experience towards helping the Okanagan entrepreneur ecosystem thrive.

Richard Tuck

Richard Tuck is a seasoned executive and former professor of entrepreneurship who has helped start more than 100 companies by embedding himself in the early stages of the company to get the proper internal infrastructure set up in order to take on investment, hire and train employees, and understand financial and sales cycles.

Spectators are welcome!

Even if you don’t want to present, you are invited to register, hear startup ideas, network with active and energetic entrepreneurs, and watch how the experts analyze and critique new businesses. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll learn what “MVP”, “KPI”, “TAM”, “LTV”, “CAC” and “MRR” stand for. Fun times!

For more free startup events, visit https://okcolab.com/calendar

Hot Seat is an inclusive community event, and we’d love to have you attend. Interested in getting involved? Contact us at hello@okcolab.com.