August 11, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Okanagan coLab
#204-1405 St. Paul Street
Kelowna BC
Presentation Skills Workshop @ Okanagan coLab

Gain the fundamental skills that will raise your levels of confidence and competence

So there you are, standing in front of an audience about to deliver your presentation. The presentation that you’ve practiced in front of the mirror a hundred times and you know that you are feeling anxious — you start thinking: Will the audience get the message? Do I look visibly nervous? Will I gain their respect? Will they be bored out of their minds?

But what if you didn’t have to question your every choice of words, your every subtle movement? What if you didn’t have to worry about where your hands are, or whether you’re being too loud, or if you’re about to stumble over the next sentence?

What if you could walk confidently up to the front of the room and give your presentation with charisma and easy posture that assures you that your message is being received as you intended.

At this workshop, you’ll learn about practical tactics you can implement right now that will make you gain confident and persuasive delivery skills. You’ll learn strategies for planning and structuring out your verbal communications using a simple process that can be adapted to any presentation. And best yet, with an intimate group of just 12 participants, you’ll benefit from real-time peer feedback and encouragement in an open learning environment. At the end of this workshop, you’ll leave with a set of presentation skills that will set you apart from other speakers and ensure your audience always gets the right message. And you’ll learn all of this from instructors who have facilitated successful Presentation Skills Workshops throughout North America for over 12 years.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Develop better delivery skills that include body language, dealing with nervousness, vocalization, handling questions and use of visual aids.
  • Understand the communication process for planning your presentation.
  • Learn and experience a simple process for structuring presentations.
  • Have fun while we learn.


Uri Hess
Uri was employed within the corporate world for over 35 years. He held positions in sales, marketing and learning & development. As of 2008 Uri launched Hess L&D Inc. to meet the continued demand for development of personal effectiveness, high performance teamwork, innovation processing and relationship building. He enjoyed facilitating Learning & Development in Canada, the United States, Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia. Uri is passionate about equipping organizations and individuals with the knowledge and tools that enable them to achieve success and to enhance their ongoing capabilities. He currently resides in Kelowna British Columbia. His current focus is on coaching and mentoring while enjoying the environment of the Okanagan Valley with his wife and family.

Karen Bowen
Karen owns ManagerKnowHow, a firm specializing in leadership curriculums and interventional organizational development services. Masters educated with 20+years of experience, Karen is an expert in translating the complex world of values, leadership skills, team dynamics, and culture into metrics, measurable trends, concrete strategy and practical objectives. A passionate outdoor enthusiast and athlete as well as practicing fitness and yoga instructor; Karen practices a holistic approach to life and leadership. Incorporating mindfulness, intention and conscious choice into solid personal leadership ensures sustainable and achievable results.

Any questions or suggestions? Please email the coordinator Annika Nebe at annika@okcolab.com.