April 7, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Discover Your Purpose! Your Life. Your Story. Your Ah-Ha. @ Online

About this Event

We all have our daily routine, but is it a routine we feel passionately about? Whether it’s honing your dream, healing from loss or trauma, or simply wanting to make more intentional choices towards living a healthier life. Janice’s method, 25 years in the making, is proven to help define and create your best life.

Normally $1200+ for initial sessions, Janice is so passionate about helping people to live their masterpiece that she is offering this workshop free of charge. One day only, Join us on April 7th live on zoom from 12 pm – 2 pm.


More About Janice Taylor:

Tech pioneer, social tech entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, online safety advocate, healing mentor, mother and advisor.

After a long journey from her roots in Canada, Janice has emerged as a pioneer in solving the growing epidemic in Social Media. She has a Bachelor of Psychology, Honours Thesis Option and spent many years studying the impacts of addiction on the human spirit. Early in Janice’s life she spent time with the most vulnerable populations, learning about their journey with addiction. From her teen years into adulthood, Janice’s specialty is uncovering the root cause of their emotional pain to creating an innovative healing solution called Ahava.

It was from her research focused on self-esteem and self-efficacy among women that she sought to create a solution to the issue of social media addiction and how it was affecting women, children, and families. From this 9 year journey in the wild wild west of technology startups, she has created a solution that will awaken families with love. Mazu is the creative force of pioneering “mindful” technology usage far before the world was discussing digital addiction and digital mindfulness.

The movement to bring parents and children together online has resonated with families from all walks of life. Sports teams and brands have used Mazu as a secure channel, to connect with fans and their kids, celebrating common interests and sharing content. Professional leagues such as the NHL, NBA, WNBA, and MLS have joined the movement, leveraging Mazu’s platform as their core engagement strategy for families. As Mazu evolved, Janice’s healing practice evolved into Ahava. A customized, innovative approach to healing. This unique combination of healing, purpose driven theory but with the business chops to facilitate the ultimate purpose to life. As a result, Ahava is changing the field of healing and recovery so that every day people begin to live their life on purpose and discover their true self.

Janice has brought this message to such esteemed conferences as TEDx, Marianne Williamson Events, Tech TO, London Digital Wellness Festival, among others. She was named one of twelve extraordinary Women in Tech by the Consulate General of Canada, chosen as one of Oprah’s Ultimate Viewers , and selected as a finalist for the 2013 Woman of Worth Awards. Additionally, in 2016, Mazu was recognized as one of the five Most Innovative Companies in British Columbia.

Janice also founded a mentorship program called The Dream Project for women in recovery to inspire and guide women healing from addictions to achieve their dreams. The Dream Project has now developed into a book by the women to tell their stories of recovery and how Ahava changed their lives. Janice’s first book Wisdom. Soul. Startup featured the beginning foundation of Ahava. The follow up book will be released in 2020 that will provide the step by step guide to this revolutionary healing process.

Now, after two decades of study, Janice is helping others along their journey of healing through a 12 step program of Ahava. During the last decade, the world has witnessed an alarming increase in anxiety, depression, suicide and addiction of many forms. As a result of these discoveries, Janice has entered the Harvard Masters Program (thesis option) for Psychology along with Dr. Gabor Mate’s compassionate inquiry course to solidify the last 20 years of her research.

In 2019, Ahava the tech companion will launch to support the healing journey. This innovative tech company will enter the new frontier of Digital Wellness and once again pioneer the path forward for those wanting to live their life on purpose.