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ABCD of Well-Being

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January 31 @ 6:00 pm 8:30 pm

ABCD of Well-Being 

Workshop Description

Leaders who advocate for and model individual well-being and self-care, and engage with their team in a well-being learning process can create healthier, more effective organizations. Self-care practices include diverse actions such as self-inquiry, cultivating emotional intelligence, and spending time in nature. Many leaders believe that now, when so many organizations are necessarily changing the way they work, is an optimal time to enact small shifts that foster organizational well-being.

Okanagan coLab and Interwoven are proud to present this introduction to the ABCD framework for mental Well-Being divided into three 2.5-hour sessions.

Ticket Information

“Pay What You Can” Ticket Options | Ticket Price Ranges $0-$150

Participants will learn the four components of the framework and how to apply one tool to train on each one. 

They will find value by:

  • Understanding the impact of Well-Being in the workplace and as leaders
  • Knowing a framework to train Well-Being skills
  • Acquiring tools to start training in their Well-Being first

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • A leader who has been through stresses related to change and need help with stress, burnout, interpersonal relationships.
  • You are also motivated to begin cultivating leadership that has a quality to appreciate others while noticing your patterns of thought.
  • See yourself as a future “champion” of personal development at the office.

Session 1 – The Roadmap

  • Defining Well-Being and its impact as leaders and in the workplace
  • Building a roadmap
  • Understand the link between Direction and Well-Being
  • Understanding habits

Session 2 – Awareness and Emotions

  • Understanding Emotions and Emotional Regulation
  • Understand the link between Awareness and Well-Being
  • Acquire tool to cultivate Awareness

Session 3 – Clarity and Connection

  • Understand the link between Clarity and Well-Being
  • Acquire a tool to cultivate Clarity
  • Understand the link between Benevolence and Well-Being
  • Acquire a tool to cultivate Benevolence

This workshop will provide a clear understanding and roadmap to begin your journey and practice.

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About the training

Our mental training framework focus on strengthening four aspects of the mind related to specific networks in the brain that contribute to Well-Being:

  1. Awareness: Being aware of your mental states and emotions and voluntarily directing attention to a chosen subject with flexibility and relaxation
  2. Benevolence: The capacity for developing healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. 
  3. Clarity: Objectively and healthily evaluating the way we interpret our lives with a curious, creative, and critical mind
  4. Direction: The motivation and purpose guiding who we are and how we act in the world. 

The integration of the practices from the framework rests on three fundamental components that permeate our teaching methodology. They help sustain the insights triggered by the ABCD framework training allowing them to be truly transformative.

  1. Worldview: Learning and reflecting on a view that regards the mind as fundamental in our experience of dissatisfaction and well-being, its potential for transformation, and the training methods to reduce its harmful aspects and cultivate the constructive ones.
  2. Practice: Contemplative and mindfulness techniques in a formal training setting as well as tools and practices for everyday life aiming to integrate and embody the worldview
  3. Community: Foster a community of like-minded individuals supporting each other to sustain the practices and the worldview

Ticket Information

“Pay What You Can” Ticket Options | Ticket Price Ranges $0-$150

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