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coLabber Spotlight: Daniel Jones


You know that guy with the arm tattoos who’s always hanging out at one of the hot desks by the training room?

Yeah you do.

Or, more accurately, you’ve seen him around the coLab. You’ve maybe chatted with him a bit. But what do you really know about Daniel Jones?

Daniel Jones is the Okanagan coLab’s resident photographer, and he’s a part of the team that keeps producing all the great content, events, and initiatives that you’ve been seeing around the space recently.

Today on the blog we’re interviewing Daniel, chatting about his work, his hobbies, and what makes him awesome.


Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Marketer Extraordinaire

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Supreme hustle. Photo via @the_daniel_jones

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Photo of rapper Ice Cube taken by the one and only Daniel Jones. Over 75,000 likes!


Daniel is a photographer and digital artist who did design work for the marketing department at Club Penguin before starting his own photography and graphic design business. In his work as coLab’s official Shutterbug, he works hard to capture our lively, spirited events in photographic form.

Daniel’s favourite part of coLab? Is the people.

Says Daniel: “I enjoy interacting with all the different personalities and businesses here. It’s so interesting to hear people’s stories and how they ended up doing what they do. I also enjoy coLab-oration with other members.”

He’s also currently working on a series of member portraits for coLab that will hang in the space. (It’s gonna be rad.)

Currently several of his photos hang on the walls of coLab, giving the space a unique arts-centered vibe.


coLab’s Resident Adrenaline Junkie

Photo of Brandon Semenuk at Crankworx in Whistler.



When he’s not snapping great photos of awesome people doing awesome things, you’ll usually find Daniel engaged in death-defying feats of bravery and wonder. He’s an all-season sports guy, and he typically prefers the challenging outdoors sports.

In the summers you’ll typically find him ripping through a forest on his mountain bike or tearing up a half-pipe on his skateboard. (That’s right – he still skateboards. That’s commitment.)



The Secret to Getting Great Photos

This one explains itself.


One of Daniel’s biggest strengths as a photographer is his ability to capture personality. He’s adept at reading the people he works with and finding new and creative ways to show who those people are through a single photo. He says that the key to a great photo is simply making people feel comfortable.

“I love to capture people looking natural and in their element. Not everyone likes having a camera pointed at them, so sometimes it’s just a matter of working through any nervousness.”

You can reach Daniel at [email protected] or learn more about him and his work at www.thedanieljones.com.

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