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co+Lab Buzz #12


Summer is in full swing and that means you’ll either find co+Lab’s members in full hustle mode, or on the beach — heck, maybe both! Canada Day is just a day away and we’re celebrating the country’s history and culture. Before venturing out to the festivities, a few members shared updates for this month’s edition of co+Lab Buzz. If you don’t already know, co+Lab Buzz is a regular column that features news on members of our coworking space.

co+Lab Buzz

Marc NadeauMarc Nadeau“Allegiance Studios and Vision FX have moved out of the CoLab co-working space, and we wanted to thank all of the tenants and collaborators that we’ve been in contact with since last October. Allegiance Studios has their own production facility now, just by the Landmark buildings on Dickson Avenue, so if you are ever in the area, pop by and say hello! Looking forward to throwing an office warming party in the near future, will keep you guys updated!”

Josh AnsellJosh Ansell As VP at Palo Media Group, it’s an exciting time to be an affiliate marketer. I’m seeing folks well on their way to achieving their goals of financial security and freedom from the 9-5 grind. By simply placing yourself in the mind of the consumer and predicting which searches or display ads are most likely to yield great results, you’re already half way there. For more information on how to get involved – please contact josh@palomediagroup.com.

Robert DawsonRobert Dawson
“One of the various side projects I currently have on the go is the Okanagan Solopreneurs Meetup group. We’ll be having various entrepreneurial events throughout the year. It’s a great opportunity to learn, network and share your skill sets / expertise (if so inclined) with 300 independent entrepreneurs in the region. We have access to event space + marketing power for anyone wanting to share their skill sets by facilitating an event. Join the Meetup group to keep in the loop > http://www.meetup.com/Okanagan-Solopreneurs/.”

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