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co+Lab Buzz #1


We’re kicking of a new and exciting series on our blog, called co+Lab Buzz. Every month we’ll gather the most recent and newsworthy accomplishments coming out of our coworking space and deliver them to you on a silver platter.

co+Lab Buzz

Enjoy edition #1!

donnieDonnie Ungaro
Donnie is excited to be launching the Culinary Ink mobile food carts, partnered with Metro Community. He also confided that Okanagan Young Professionals are formalizing their membership and building an interactive online community hub to encourage connection and conversations.

Daniel at Emmys HQDaniel Washbrook
Daniel has been working down south of the border. Asked for an update, he shared “nothing new with me but Emmys nominations came out last week so was in Los Angeles for that. About a million people hit the site that day. We also hit the Six Flags while we were there too.”

BradBrad Kynoch
Quote from Brad: “You’ve surely heard of email auto-responders like MailChimp and AWeber. And maybe you’ve heard of more powerful small business automation platforms like InfusionSoft and ONTRAPORT (formerly Office AutoPilot). Well, Brad is recently one of only 50 ONTRAPORT Certified Consultants in the world, well-versed in identifying, mapping out, and implementing automation systems for small businesses. If you know an entrepreneur or business that’s overwhelmed and strapped for time (wait, do you know one that isn’t?!), give him a shout. And he’ll speak in YOUR words, not geekspeak. 🙂 http://worthee.co

ChristianChristian Brandt
Christian reports that the biggest accomplishment for Okanagan Carshare Co-op in July was that OGO signed up its 100 member which was is a big milestone for OGO after being in operation for less than a year. OGO also made a short funny video to celebrate and say thank you to their members and community partners that can be checked out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axldF3QCtvg&feature=youtu.be

Robert DawsonRobert Dawson
Robert has just returned from three weeks back to Prince Edward Island where he survived two Maritime style weddings. He is looking forward to getting back to his routine at co+Lab where he does not have is Mother interrupting his workflow to cut the grass. Work-wise, Robert is excited to get started on a few new digital marketing projects including his first large US based client, FlowerPowerFundraising.com

Ryan GallagherRyan Gallagher
Ryan gave the scoop on his startup Motivation Engine, that just launched! “Well we are finally ready to let our friends in to help us try out our new platform. We need your help to test our application and services and let us know how it goes. Please look at our website and read through it to make sure you understand what service we are offering. We’d love you to try signing up too and use our services to give us your feedback on what worked, what didn’t, what you liked or didn’t like.”

Find out about all of co+Lab’s members.

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