coLab Animator Team

What is an Animator?

No, we don’t mean Terry Gilliam’s character from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We can’t have people dying of a heart attack when they’re supposed to be siccing the Black Beast of Arrrggghhh on some hapless knights.

The Animating Team actively supports the Okanagan coLab by assisting with day-to-day management of the space, providing programmatic support, and identifying educational, inspirational and networking opportunities to share with the community.

In other words: Animators are the nexus of the community.

And as an extension of the coLab admin team, we expect them to treat the role with the same dependability and professionalism as they would any position they care about. We request that prospective Animators carefully consider their personal schedules before applying. We expect Animators to complete the duration of the 4-month commitment, because full participation is vital to the health and smooth operation of our community. We expect Animators to be on-time and engaged for the duration of their shifts.

(Slackers need not apply. #Hustle.)

In addition to supporting day to day operations and programs, Animators help create a positive, welcoming environment – knowing members and their businesses by name, making them feel welcome, and generally encouraging coLabbers to work hard & excel in every area of life.

Our Animators make members and guests feel special, connected, and armed with the resources they need to operate in a focused, productive work environment. Our Animators get coLab stuff done so that our members can get coLabber stuff done!

The Role

Knowing your role matters. Just ask any Dungeons & Dragons player who’s ever tried to tank with an Assassin.

A team of 5 individual Animators each commit 9 hours per week to support the coLab community. While on-shift, the #1 priority of an Animator is to provide a positive, welcoming, functional environment for our members and guests. That means helping the team to manage the physical space itself as well as finding ways to connect with members. We do this by working together symbiotically as a team: transparency, communication, taking full responsibility for ourselves, and building trust with one another are key elements we work on collaboratively as a group to make everything run smoothly.

Physical tasks will involve bending, stooping, lifting, walking, talking on the phone, and talking in person. Examples of physical tasks are providing concierge service at the front desk, giving tours, making coffee, stocking kitchens, tidying the space, assisting in set up/tear down for events, etc.

Virtual tasks will require the use of a personal phone and laptop to use our digital communication and project management tools during Animator shifts. Tools used include Google Suite, Nexudus, and Slack.

We recognize our incoming Animators have very different physical and technological backgrounds. If you have questions regarding the flexibility of Animating duties, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Time Commitment

We want to have the time of our lives. And we want to owe it all to you.

At least two Animators are on duty at any time between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Animators share responsibilities and work as a supportive team to reach goals. Animators will not be required to work on weekends.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Minimum four-month time commitment
  • Two shifts per week that recur at the same time throughout the 4 month commitment
  • Shift times are 7:55am – 12:35 pm and 12:25 pm – 5pm Monday through Friday
  • You may work back-to-back shifts if you prefer to work one full day and the schedule allows for it
  • Mandatory monthly Animator Team meetings (last Wednesday of every month,  9:30am – 11am)
  • Shift swapping options are available in case of foreseen absences and/or emergencies/illness

Training / Orientation

We can’t accelerate this part with a Karate Kid-style montage, but at least you won’t have to wax any cars or paint any fences. Probably. Maybe.

Animators need to learn a lot about our our space very quickly! To get them up to speed at the beginning of their 4 month time-commitment, new Animators are required to attend:

  • Two training days (approx. 4 hours each)
  • Two shadow shifts (4.5 hours each)

In addition to formal training, Animators are provided with written resources, such as our Animator Guide, to support knowledge of coLab and the Animator Program. Veteran Animators will also be an invaluable resource for new Animators in learning and understanding the flow of daily operations.


“Responsibilities” is such a drag of a word. Feel free to call this your Quests List, if that’s your thing.

  • Open the space for members in the morning, or close the space in the evening;
  • Serve as a Front Desk Concierge, greeting everyone who comes into the space with a warm and welcoming attitude;
  • Ensure members are caffeinated & well-fed by making coffee throughout the day and setting out snacks;
  • Keep the space tidy and in working order (running/emptying the dishwasher);
  • Introduce yourself to and learn about the members around you so you can connect them to each other;
  • Answer questions from members and guests about coLab and how the space works;
  • Provide tours to potential members and guests;
  • Help manage inventory and distribution of supplies;
  • Assist members and public clients with their conference room reservations;
  • Provide support for member programs and events

Animators will have a daily checklist, specific to the shift, that will guide them throughout the day. Animators report directly to the Community Manager.

The Value

For one completed four-month commitment as an Animator, you’ll receive:

  • FREE coworking! An unlimited flex coworking membership (with access to our building 24/7) for six months, valued at $350/month (four months during the commitment, and two months immediately following);
  • Preferred pricing on rentals! Access to Full-Time member pricing on all conference rooms and event spaces throughout the duration of the membership;
  • Personalized introductions to entrepreneurial badasses! Curated, thoughtful introductions to the movers and shakers in the Kelowna entrepreneurial and startup community when requested;
  • Street cred! References from core team members to put on your resume going forward;
  • Networking opportunities! Access to interest groups and networking opportunities within the coLab membership for finding careers and jobs that you’ll love.

Are you our next Animator?

Successful Animators are:

  • dependable, proactive team members who thrive in a dynamic work environment;
  • socially-conscious, communicative, and enjoy engaging with new and different people;
  • excited about exploring new tools and resources, and making connections according to their discoveries;
  • eager to build relationships within and around the coLab community, and appreciate the unquantifiable value of these connections both personally and professionally

What you put into this experience is what you will get out of it!

Becoming an coLab Animator is great for people who are new to Kelowna and want to plug into a community of changemakers. If you’re in between careers and want to connect with a variety of different startup companies and social change organizations all at once, this opportunity is for you. If you need a space to build your next project and want to contribute to the community while you do it, this role is designed with you in mind.

Apply to be an Animator!

Ready to apply for one of our Animator positions? Please fill out this application.

We accept applications on a rolling basis, and will contact new applicants as needed.  Email with questions (no phone call questions, please). Thank you for your support of our mission!