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Member Spotlight – Pierre Rondier

Pierre Rondier is usually pretty quiet. He grabs his usual hotdesk seat in the morning, pours himself a coffee, adjusts his round glasses, and then it’s head-down, work mode. Get him talking though and you’ll find yourself an unmatched interlocutor.

Head, Heart, Hustle — Recap

On November 19th co+Lab tried something new. Something different. We wanted to #GetLoud for mental wellness. Rather than host another traditional workshop Shane and I wanted to create an evening experience complete with conversation, live music, and speakers sharing their experiences and struggles with mental wellness. 

Testify! Give Your Testimonials a Persuasion Boost with These Quick Tips — Bland to Brand

Testimonials are the Chuck Norris of marketing. Too many of them, and your marketing collateral starts looking like a cheesy 80s movie. Too few, and you have zero pizzazz. But just enough, and you’re ready to unleash a roundhouse kick of persuasion and start winning the fight for more sales.

Want to Land More Contracts? Make Your Project Proposals More Compelling — Bland to Brand

Project proposals: They may sound like a chore, but they’re actually a great opportunity to justify your value to prospects – which enables you to charge higher rates. So how do you turn your project proposals from mere formalities into living, breathing documents that make sales? Here’s what you need to know.

Bridging Arts + Tech through the Convergent.Studio Artist Residency

Fostering the symbiotic connection between Arts and Technology, to create innovative and impactful possibilities. We are proud to announce the launch of Convergent.Studio, a pilot program with the goal of increasing interaction and flow between the Kelowna arts and technology communities.

co+Lab Buzz #13

With summer sliding away and fall showing it’s face it’s time to get off the beaches and back to work. After a few great months of Okanagan sun and fun, take some time to catch up with our members and their most recent endeavours, undertakings, excitements, and ideas! If you don’t already know, co+Lab Buzz is […]