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Digital Nomadism: When Your Entire Life is One Long Vacation

Vacations: Even the most dedicated workaholic enjoys them. But the one thing about vacations that isn’t so much fun? Is that they always end. Unless, of course, you’re a digital nomad. For digital nomads, the secret to fulfillment is living their entire lives like it’s one long vacation. Sure, there are times when the work […]

coLab 2: The coLabbening (Or, Check Out Our Fancy Schmancy Rebrand!)

If you’ve visited the coLab at any point during the last few months, you’ve no doubt noticed that there have been some…ch-ch-ch-changes.     Time may change us, but we can’t trace time. First there was the addition of coLab West Campus. Then we unveiled the new logo and removed that dumb annoying plus sign […]

New Look, Same Views

We’re sailors on the ferocious seas of freelancing, the endless expanses of entrepreneurism. Braving the storms of uncertainty, crashing through waves of doubt. Looking across the bow and out over the horizon, Shane and I saw the expansion of co+Lab approaching ever faster. We knew. It’s time for a refocusing, a reevaluation.

Plug your company in with Enterprise Membership

Finally, flexible workspace for fast-moving project teams. Scaling companies are always dealing with the frustrations of workspace for their teams. Whether it’s a quick collaborative brainstorming meeting, a flexible multipurpose team hub, or a secure private office — the challenge is managing all this as you speed from 0 to 100.

coLab Buzz #14

December’s an interesting month. Some of us get busier with the holiday hustle, and other find themselves in a period of seasonal slow-down. No matter what your situation is though, it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on around you during these hectic holidays. It’s definitely happened to us at times! Don’t worry though, we’re back with […]

Member Spotlight – Pierre Rondier

Pierre Rondier is usually pretty quiet. He grabs his usual hotdesk seat in the morning, pours himself a coffee, adjusts his round glasses, and then it’s head-down, work mode. Get him talking though and you’ll find yourself an unmatched interlocutor.

co+Lab Buzz #13

With summer sliding away and fall showing it’s face it’s time to get off the beaches and back to work. After a few great months of Okanagan sun and fun, take some time to catch up with our members and their most recent endeavours, undertakings, excitements, and ideas! If you don’t already know, co+Lab Buzz is […]