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Bridging Arts + Tech through the Convergent.Studio Artist Residency


Fostering the symbiotic connection between Arts and Technology, to create innovative and impactful possibilities.

We are proud to announce the launch of Convergent.Studio, a pilot program with the goal of increasing interaction and flow between the Kelowna arts and technology communities. This month-long residency provides up-and-coming artists with an immersive work experience, mentorship and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and technologists.

Convergent.Studio unites the arts and technology communities in Kelowna by providing work experience, mentorship and interdisciplinary collaboration. The program’s goal is to cultivate new relationships, new initiatives and to develop a culture of intensive collaboration between typically disparate community groups. In partnership with Convergent.Studio artists, we aim to create new examples of how technology and the arts are intertwined and highlight the process of a creative immersed in a technology environment, and the technologist in a creative environment.

Each Convergent Studio artist resides within the co+Lab space in the Cultural District in downtown Kelowna for one month. With the help of a team of mentors, during this time the artist will develop a proposed project through to completion, sharing their process and experience with the wider community along the way.

Convergent Studio Arts + Technology Residency is a collaborative project created by the co+Lab and the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art.

If you are a newcomer or up-and-comer in the Okanagan artist community who is looking for an opportunity to work in a different environment, learn new skills and develop relationships — we’d like to speak with you! Ideally, you are an artist who is looking to challenge your normal working patterns, and are willing to share your experiences with the wider public.

Interested in learning more? Visit the Convergent.Studio website.

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