Tax Time is Coming: Maximize Your Return with These Simple Strategies

  It’s the end of March, which means two things: Spring has finally arrived, and tax season is on its way. Nobody likes filing taxes. But when you’re a freelancer, solopreneur, or startup founder, tax time is torture. Digging out crumpled receipts from the glove box of your car, frantically adding up everything you spent […]

Bookworm Alert: Best Entrepreneur Reads as Recommended by coLabbers

  via GIPHY As a freelancer, solopreneur, or startup founder, one of your core responsibilities is continually learning new and exciting things about how to take your business to the next level. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing and the moment your business starts to decline. And as cheesy as […]

Bland to Brand: Closing the Deal – How to Move Potential Clients from “I Don’t Know” to “Heck Yes!”

  Whether you’re a freelancer or startup founder, sales are key to your business’ success. It doesn’t matter whether your product or service is the best on the planet if you can’t successfully convince people to do business with you. That’s why the #1 thing that determines whether freelancers & startup founders succeed or fail…is […]

Growing Your Startup: Attracting New Talent in a Competitive Market

The thing about being a startup founder is that your business inevitably starts to grow, which means at some point you have to start hiring (or keep hiring) in order to handle your ever-increasing workload and capitalize on new opportunities. But in competitive markets where there’s a shortage of qualified talent, and where budget constraints […]

Stronger Together: Level Up Your Freelance Game with Strategic Partnerships

  Freelancing can often seem like a lonely path to walk. You against the world as you work alone on projects all day every day, trapped in (or perhaps enjoying) your Fortress of Solitude. But the great thing about being a freelancer is that it affords you a great deal of freedom and opportunity. And […]

Love is in the Air: How NOT to Start a Business with Your Spouse

  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! As we celebrate a day all about the weirdest matchmaker ever (“Our friend Cupid set us up on a blind date! He shot us both with golden arrows, it was so romantic!”) let’s explore some of the things that make entrepreneur power couples work…and the things that don’t.   So […]

Stressing the Importance of Relaxation: How Stress Shrivels Your Brain and Wrecks Your Body

Pressure: The thing that not even the combined powers of Freddie Mercury AND David Bowie could vanquish. But rather than the terror of knowing what this world is about, stress is more the terror of knowing that you have challenges in front of you, but not knowing whether you can handle them. Stress is something […]

Not Just Fun and Games: Why the Best Way to Do Great Work is to Slack Off

    Photo Credit: “Foosball at Work” by Al Abut. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0. Working hard is one of the supposed defining characteristics of freelancers, remote workers, solopreneurs, and startup founders. We take pride in our ability to stay glued to our laptops for 10-12 hours a day. We take pride in […]

Strong Body, Strong Mind: The Incredible Brain-Boosting Power of Exercise

  During the winter, when it’s cold and dark and snowy and icy and whatnot, it’s very tempting to just stay inside all day – to get home from work, curl up on the couch, and spend your evening watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. And while nobody truly enjoys the idea of going […]