Stressing the Importance of Relaxation: How Stress Shrivels Your Brain and Wrecks Your Body

Pressure: The thing that not even the combined powers of Freddie Mercury AND David Bowie could vanquish. But rather than the terror of knowing what this world is about, stress is more the terror of knowing that you have challenges in front of you, but not knowing whether you can handle them. Stress is something […]

Not Just Fun and Games: Why the Best Way to Do Great Work is to Slack Off

    Photo Credit: “Foosball at Work” by Al Abut. Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0. Working hard is one of the supposed defining characteristics of freelancers, remote workers, solopreneurs, and startup founders. We take pride in our ability to stay glued to our laptops for 10-12 hours a day. We take pride in […]

You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Impacts Your Mood and Productivity

  It’s no secret that the mind and body are connected. And while us knowledge industry workers should know full well that we ought to take care of ourselves and eat right, it’s not always easy to put that into practice. We lead busy lives, and preparing proper, healthy meals for ourselves can be a […]

The 5 Stages of Working From Home, Told in GIFs

Working from home is both the best and the worst. And if you’ve been a home-based worker for any stretch of time, you’ve no doubt encountered the many joys and sorrows that come with having your office in the same location as the place where you eat/sleep/watch TV/ spend time with your family etc etc […]