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Announcing co+Learn Community Powered Learning



co+Lab introduces co+Learn — a fast-paced, immersive and hands-on learning experience, delivered by top-notch industry professionals.

Based out of Kelowna’s first coworking space co+Lab, co+Learn courses help people take control of their lives and careers by building skills and developing a mindset of success.

The co+Learn model is built on 4 core principles:

1. Teach students the most relevant, valuable and industry-ready skills; skills that will set them apart from competition.
2. Provide thoughtfully facilitated, hands-on instruction from the our best local industry leaders.
3. Limit classes to small groups, with built-in group support and accountability.
4. Improve each program by constantly and quickly iterating based on student feedback.

Excited to find out more? Course offerings are scheduled for announcement in late January 2015, with an official launch in March 2015. Interested parties can sign up for early-bird discount on the pilot series by submitting their names and email addresses below.

co+Learn is set to offer a number of different workshops and courses that will run in a revolving series all year. co+Learn’s courses include intensive bootcamps, as well as regular workshop sessions to help students understand platforms like WordPress, digital marketing, and how to build a freelance or location-independent businesses.

The stats around non-traditional careers are staggering — the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the millennial generation to change careers more than 15 times on average during their adult lives. The International Data Corporation (IDC), a market research and advisory firm, estimates that by 2015, the number of nontraditional workers worldwide, including freelancers, contractors, and consultants, will reach 1.3 billion. These stats are what encouraged us to put co+Learn together.

Whether participants want to skill-up, career-shift or accelerate their personal and professional growth, co+Learn can help shift them and their career in a more meaningful direction. We’ll give students the skills to get there. From programming languages and business plans, to budgeting and mentoring, we’ll help them learn, build skills, create and launch themselves to the world.

co+Learn is also inviting people to pitch their own course ideas to be considered for future curriculum. Contact colearn@okcolab.com to submit your ideas or ask questions about the program.


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