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Okanagan coLab Joins the Wellbeing Economy Alliance: Building a Future of People and Planet Prosperity

Today we are celebrating Okanagan coLab’s Membership in the Wellbeing Economy Alliance! 🌍

Our community and team are thrilled to announce that Okanagan coLab has officially become a member of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll). This is an incredible milestone for us as an organization dedicated to promoting social justice and sustainability in our community and beyond.

But what exactly is a “Wellbeing Economy,” you may ask? It is an economic system that prioritizes the well-being and flourishing of people and the planet above all else. It is a paradigm shift that challenges the traditional notions of growth and profit, recognizing that true prosperity lies in the harmonious coexistence of thriving individuals, resilient communities, and a healthy environment.

By joining WEAll, we have become part of a global collaboration of over 360 like-minded individuals, organizations, governments, academics, communities, and businesses. Together, we are working towards transforming the very fabric of our economic system to one that serves humanity and the planet we call home.

The beauty of WEAll membership is that it transcends geographical boundaries and unites us in a shared vision. It opens doors to opportunities for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and collective action. We now have the privilege to engage with a diverse range of changemakers from around the world, tapping into their expertise, experiences, and innovative ideas.

As a member of WEAll, we are excited to amplify our work and ideas to the world. We believe that our commitment to fostering social justice and sustainability will resonate on a global scale, inspiring others to join the movement towards a wellbeing economy. Our membership empowers us to contribute meaningfully to shaping the discourse and policies that will drive positive change.

We have a vision of creating a society prioritizing sustainable wellbeing, ecological responsibility, artistic expression, and social harmony for present and future generations.

Collaboration is at the heart of WEAll’s mission, and we wholeheartedly embrace this spirit. By working together, we can leverage our collective strength to effect systemic change. We are eager to forge new partnerships, share best practices, and collaborate with fellow members to advance the cause of a wellbeing economy.

At Okanagan coLab, we firmly believe that the success of an economy should be measured not solely by financial indicators but by the well-being and happiness it generates for all. We are excited to be part of WEAll and to champion this vision alongside an inspiring global community.

Join us on this journey towards a future where people and the planet thrive hand in hand. Together, let’s create an economy that truly serves the needs of all.

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