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10 Reasons Why Your Non-profit Needs Coworking

coLab membership means more than just access to our events and physical space. It means belonging to a community where you can be authentically you, vulnerable in your discussion, honest in your experiences, bold in your dreaming, and unapologetic on your journey as a changemaker.

Located in downtown Kelowna since 2011, the Okanagan coLab (Community Lab) is a vibrant hub that amplifies the impact of changemakers by promoting growth, collaboration, and wellness through shared resources and innovative programming.

If you are leading a non-profit organization struggling with finding the right workspace, consider joining our community.

Here are the top 10 benefits that you can enjoy:

  1. Cost savings: Say goodbye to expensive leases and hello to affordable and flexible options that fit within your budget.
  2. Networking opportunities: Connect with other like-minded organizations, professionals, and potential donors in a coworking space to open up new partnership and fundraising opportunities.
  3. Increased productivity: Experience a distraction-free environment that’s equipped with high-speed internet and other amenities to help you focus and get more done.
  4. Professional environment: Impress donors and stakeholders with a polished image by utilizing the professional atmosphere of a coworking space.
  5. Access to resources: Take advantage of shared resources such as printers, conference rooms, and kitchen facilities to help you save money and operate more efficiently.
  6. Flexibility: Scale up or down quickly with short-term leases and the ability to rent additional space as needed.
  7. Increased community involvement: Become more embedded in the local community by working in a shared space and engaging with the public.
  8. Collaborative opportunities: Collaborate with other organizations and professionals to spark innovative ideas and projects.
  9. Reduced administrative burden: Free up your staff to focus on critical tasks by allowing coworking spaces to handle day-to-day administrative tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, and mail handling.
  10. Improved morale: Foster a sense of community and shared purpose among your staff, which can lead to improved morale and job satisfaction.

Sign up for a free trial day and be our guest. You’ll see why we are considered the best place for charitable organizations, social ventures, and community leaders who are working across sectors to change the world.

Inner well-being is not wishy-washy stuff.
The Power of Coworking: How It Can Transform Your Work-Life Balance for Greater Well-being

You’ve found your community.
Ready to connect, learn and grow?

We think you’ll love this vibrant community so much, you’ll find this is where you truly belong. Book a time to visit and experience what we’re all about.

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