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co+Lab Partners with Cherry Hill Coffee

co+Lab and Cherry Hill coffee — the perfect pairing for productivity

Cherry Hill at co+LabIt is with caffeine infused excitement that we’d like to announce co+Lab is partnering with local roaster, Cherry Hill Coffee!

With a regularly brewed fresh pot of coffee, our professional hub is dedicated to raising the bar on productive working and liquid inspiration.

What do our members think about teaming up with Cherry Hill?


“I have to say that Cherry Hill’s coffee is always consistently good. Tasting the same great flavours every morning lets me focus on my work, while giving me the boost I need to be productive. As much as I like making a good espresso, not having to worry about the perfect shot and making some drip Fino is very welcome when I come in groggy from a late night of comic book reading.”


“We are a community that is fueled by coffee. Similar to your car if you put in low grade gas you get lower performance. Having high quality coffee from Cherry Hill opens the palate and the mind. I look forward to the daily brew board update to see what we will be having today. Life’s too short for bad coffee”
“I think i need another coffee to write a better quote.”

Drop by the co+Lab to have a sample of our delicious roasts, and get to know our amazing people!

About Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill

Our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible coffee begins with offering certified fair trade and organic coffee. We take it one step further by promoting eco-friendly sustainable cupware and composting our roasting by-products including chaffe and grounds. Quite simply, it’s coffee with a conscience. By supporting Cherry Hill Coffee, our customers are helping to promote environmentally and socially responsible coffee.

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