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co+Lab Joins Okanagan Carshare Co-op

Coworking meets carsharing as co+Lab partners with OGO Carshare

OGO Carshare

The co+Lab is an environment where local professionals can make connections and collaborate on creative projects, away from the distractions of home or the inconveniences of coffee shops. It’s common knowledge that shared workspaces increase worker productivity and happiness, and benefit the community as well — we are taking collaboration seriously by adopting another important and valuable service.

co+Lab has partnered with Okanagan Carshare Co-op to provide members with access to the carshare and hence increase their access to different modes of transportation depending on their individual transportation needs.

“We’re all about making it easy to get around, whether for work or play” says Christian Brandt who was one of the co-founders of the co-op, and a co+Lab member. OGO has a growing fleet of vehicles parked at designated parking spots around town including a pick-up truck that is in 3 minutes walking distance from the co+Lab.

Carsharing helps independent workers have affordable and convenient access to a fleet of vehicles and can be used for meeting clients, showing off smart mobility choices to potential investors, or simply helping move their stuff from the home office into their new cowork space. Carsharing also allows co+Lab’s members to start or continue the use of more active modes of transportation options to commute to work, while still allowing the flexibility to have access to vehicles when needed.

co+Lab as a hub for sharing

The coworking community is a major part of the collaborative economy and is quickly becoming a way to connect to a community of shared values and talents. The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of these groups is indeed fertile ground for rich exchange. A community of coworkers can be the foundation of trust, as it has already acquired the values of sharing, openness and collaboration. Coworking spaces have increasingly become “sharing hubs” and more carsharing platforms are now well-connected to coworking spaces providing access to cars parked in nearby spaces.

By making it easy for coworkers to share resources, members will feel supported and more satisfied on multiple levels. Transforming collaborative work spaces into sharing hubs helps the coworking movement be more successful.

Let’s keep on making this community more vibrant and promote further collaboration!

Inspired and Innovative – Donnie Ungaro
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