Josh’s Story

My business life prior to joining coLab can be described simply as desolate.  Working at the kitchen table in my condo, I rarely got fully dressed in the morning. My motivation was simply not there. I knew something had to change. I researched coLab for months before joining, and that's how I knew this was the place for me. Shane has been super accommodating since day one. My favourite part of being a coLab resident is the familiarity and desire to do better while sitting around highly motivated individuals. Also, this is the best location in downtown Kelowna. My biggest benefit was the obvious increase in productivity that came out of having my own desk in an actual office. I have everything I need here, and it makes coming to work enjoyable again. I would recommend coLab to anyone who understands the hardships and isolation of working from home. You are not alone!

Shannon’s Story

I'm a writer--and total procrastinator. I began the New Year with a mission: finally finish--and send out--a couple of novels collecting dust on my laptop. The last ten years of working from home have successfully resulted in newspaper columns, magazine articles, a blog and great kids, but I'm no further ahead with my dream and I'm way behind in motivation and connection to other freelancers. What I longed for most, was a place to call my own, away from home, where I could be accountable for my day's work, yet feel like I was part of a staff again.
I've found it in coLab. I love knowing I have access to my own space 24-7, yet I never feel alone. I come and go a lot to conduct interviews, but it's so great to return to my desk, surrounded by people of various ages, doing different kinds of work...all of them smiling. It has been fantastic for my social side and resulted in increased productivity and better organization for my business side. I love that monthly lunches are organized, workshops offered, collaboration and plenty of laughter encouraged. It's a bonus the office is located downtown, so a refreshing walk by the lake to clear my head, breakfast with friends on the way into work, or hitting hot yoga, just around the corner, on the way home, fit perfectly into my work day. While I still plan to tap into the expertise around me when it comes to the technical aspects of my work--and I remain a liability at the foosball table--so far I'm so happy with my decision to join the space. Truly motivating and always upbeat, I'm confident I'm going to achieve this year's goal.

Laurie’s Story

  An awesome space for all types of workers! You choose the vibe you're into...whether that's a quite, chilled atmosphere or a bit more upbeat, Okanagan Co+Lab has it all! It's conveniently located in the heart of downtown Kelowna, so you're never far from cafe's, shopping, events, transit, etc. There's also interesting workshops to get involved with, and fun social get-togethers regularily. And a big shout out to Shane (Space Manager) for making the Co+Lab so welcoming and always providing help when needed. It's you're attention to each individual person needs that really make the space extra wonderful!

Alexa’s Story

I happily stumbled upon coLab after moving to Kelowna this past fall. Being both new to Kelowna and to remote work, I was thrilled to find a space and community full of like-minded creative and ambitious people. As someone who works in academia and is not well-versed in tech or design, it has been a pleasure and great help to be surrounded by so much skill and knowledge. And of course, the social events, wonderful espresso, and Wi-Fi have made this space a haven away from the home office. Nothing but good things to say about Shane and coLab.

Mike’s Story

I cannot say enough good things about the coLab. Before I started working out of coLab, I ran my business from home for years. Day after day I stared at my computer screen in my quiet house with no social contact. Eventually it got to the point where my sleep schedule was total chaos, I had no motivation to get any of my work done, and I hated myself for not being able to figure out this business thing. And even worse, I felt like an empty shell of the quirky, confident, happy person I used to be. That's when I knew something had to change. I found the coLab after a few Google searches, and as soon as I walked in, everything was different. I felt eager to work on my business again. I started to remember who I was. And soon enough, thanks to the support of a great community, some amazing business amenities, and lots of opportunities for professional development, my business was making money again. Being a coLab member alone has helped me double my revenues, expand my portfolio, land contracts with $10-billion-a-year companies, and have a whole lot of fun doing it. But the best part of coLab? Is the people. Every day I get to work alongside smart, talented, like-minded people who push me to be my best self. I am so honoured to be part of this community, and I'm eager to continue contributing to the coLab in the future.