Startups and Coworking

The emergence of a ‘Coworking space’ provided a great networking platform that balanced independence of self-employment with involvement in a community of working with others. This appeals to entrepreneurs and freelancers, leading to a widespread adoption.

Collaborate & Build Your Business at BizCamp

Join us for a week of business transformation through coworking. Feeling lonely working on your own? Struggling with reaching goals? Or just starting a new business? Take the opportunity to try out co+Lab’s shared space and amazing collective of coworkers at Coworking BizCamp. Cost is a $50 donation to helping small businesses in poverty-stricken nations.

co+Lab Buzz #10

First things first… happy 2016! Welcome to the first co+Lab Buzz of the year; we guarantee, it’ll be 100% new year’s resolution proof. If the notion of resolutions makes you super cranky, this issue is guaranteed to bring you joy as you catch up with stories of co+Lab’s community.  If you don’t already know, co+Lab […]